You just discovered your personal data analyst

You're a Shopify entrepreneur who’s sitting on a gold mine of data. We’re data geeks who crunch numbers for breakfast. Together – we’re invincible!

Meet the team

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It's more than a set of values

The Blyp culture

Driven by impact

Analytics for the sake of analytics is pointless (we're data geeks, but the business-oriented kind 🤓). We strive to reach KPIs, accomplish meaningful wins, and celebrate them. We focus on results, so we build processes that are lean and scaleable. No analysis paralysis, please.

Growth mindset

We laid super stern foundations for Blyp, knowing it would cater to a large pool of ecommerce entrepreneurs. We had to learn rapidly and build a stellar strategy, market, and tech operation. We keep working under the same mindset today. It's what makes Blyp and you grow.

Transparency is the best policy

We operate the same way our solution works: We share information openly and proactively. We ask all the hard questions and dive deep to find answers. We're direct and bullshit-free. We keep everyone in the loop.

It's all about you

95% of hard-working Shopify merchants are forced to close shop after one year. Why? Because big corporations with smart data analysis will always win. It's not just unfair - it's not economic. We're doing our part in restoring the order.

Your store data is protected

We do not install any code on your website or use your data for anything other than generating insights.

We don't slow you down

We don't run anything on your website. We simply watch the data your store collects and process it on our servers.

Audited by humans

Though Blyp is 100% AI-driven our team of ecommerce analysts still audits your blyps. And since we're data geeks, we enjoy it 🤓
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