Why We Started Blyp?

By Shir Lapidot

Published December 6, 2021.

Why we started Blyp?

In the beginning, there was... you.

What is blyp and why was it started? It started with you.

You started your business for a reason, you fought for it, and after a lot of sweat and tears it’s now alive.

Whether it’s a side hustle for extra cash or a full leap into a full-time job, you have something going for you. You are emotionally connected and vested in your "baby."

But now what?

First, let's recap your journey and how you got to this point (generally speaking). Hopefully, this will sound familiar.

The Product

One day, many months ago, you came up with a great idea.

Maybe you came up with it at a bar, half-joking with your friends about a brilliant product. Or maybe at some point in your life you needed a product so badly but you weren’t able to find it, or you found a solution but it was so deeply disappointing that you thought that someone (maybe you?) could and should do better.

Maybe you are a seasoned entrepreneur, and your big product idea came on the heels of deep research and Google trends exploration sessions. Or maybe you thought about it in the shower.

Either way, you got to work and started a process of researching, prototyping, finding a supplier (or made it yourself), testing, figuring out fulfillment, and all that jazz.

At the end of it all, you created a product that could be valuable to many people and become a viable business for you.

The Store

So, you had a product (it’s alive!).

Now you needed a way to connect customers to your product.

Maybe you set up a stand at a mall. Maybe you sent the product to all your friends. Maybe you chose to give Amazon a shot.

Most likely, if you are reading this, your research led you to setting up a Shopify store to sell your product. Maybe you did it yourself. Maybe you hired someone to do it for you.

After selecting some pics (or shooting new ones), you decided on a price point that makes sense, and voila! You had a store with a product.

But... people weren’t coming to your store yet. You needed to let them know about it somehow.

The Marketing

Maybe you are a shrewd marketing person, and putting the word out felt very natural to you. Maybe you were clueless and had to read all about it online (social media can’t be that hard, right?).

Either way, many terms were thrown around very often - Paid Marketing, Facebook segments, Lookalikes, CPC, Google Ads, Affiliates, SEO, etc.

You put something together or paid a professional to help you, and people started flowing to your site. Some of them even made a purchase! Yay!

Orders were piling up. Maybe not as fast as you wanted, but some purchases are better than none, right? But… Now what? How do you keep them happy, engaged and coming back for more?

The Customers

You got your first customers, congrats! People found your product valuable. That’s half the battle.

Pretty soon, you learned that with the joy of having customers, came another set of tasks to add to your already lengthy to-do list.

You started dealing with questions about refunds, or product materials or ingredients. You started handling daily communications and maybe even installed an app to collect reviews and handle returns.

At some point, you realized that your best clients are the ones that have already purchased your products in the past, and decided you need to create engaging email campaign flows to keep in touch with them. You cobbled something together based on guides or got professional help and now no order goes without a thank you note, and no abandoned cart goes unnoticed.

The Next Step

On the face of it, you've got things going for you, right? Things are looking up; you’re doing great! Move over Jeff Bezos, we’re coming for you!

Time goes by and, at some point, you hit a plateau. Everything is set up, your marketing dollars are flowing, you have some sales, but what's next?

How do you take the next leap to make your business grow?

You know that you can do better. You even have some ideas on what can be done, but you aren’t sure about them.

Most of your decisions up to this point were gut-driven, and you realize that you need more than your instincts to make better decisions.

All you need is data, right?

Leveraging data properly is the secret sauce behind every big brand. Knowing where to look, what to look for, carefully crafting experiments, and analyzing results through an iterative process catapults businesses beyond the plateau.

You explore tools, install Google Analytics, maybe install some other reports and dashboard apps. But, after a couple of honeymoon weeks when you've put in the time to learn everything and set it up, you are left with a bunch of reports and graphs that you don't have the time or the know-how to interpret. More likely than not, you just pull some data points into your own excel sheet to track your business, but that’s not enough.

No. You don’t need data. You need more than that.

If you want to have a good handle of your business and take the next step forward you need the stories that hide within the data, and you need to understand what it means for your business and what you should do about it.

The Blyp

So why did we found Blyp?

Because we’ve been there. We had our own stores; our friends have stores; my sister has a store. People like you are our community.

Because you are sitting on a pile of gold that is your own data. We know what data can do for your business and the size of the prize you are missing out on by not using it purposefully.

Because we know you are tired of dashboards for every single platform and a stream of numbers scattered across multiple reports, when all you really want is someone to sift through all of it and give you the bottom line in the context of your store.

Is there something you are overlooking? What marketing efforts are working and what should you cut down on? You ran an experiment and tried changing something on your site, did it move the needle? How often should you reach out to customers?

The answers to these questions are seemingly at your fingertips; the data is there. But getting these answers requires an excruciating process and resources you don't have. Why is it so painful to get what you need? We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights.

The Bottom Line

Most of the questions you have about your business have been asked before a thousand times by brands just like yours, at a similar stage in their journey, and they used the exact same data points you have available to get the answers they needed.

Why start from scratch? Who needs that unnecessary struggle? Who has the time and resources to do it by themselves?

Not you.

The good news is that you don't have to deal with all of this data by yourself. We'll do it for you. Because we love numbers and fully understand the struggle (it’s real).

And instead of you cracking the dashboards and crunching the numbers, we want to take it off your plate and provide you with what you really want and need. A tool you can rely on to turn over every stone, look in every dark corner and sift through things you don’t know you don’t know to get you with the one thing you really need – Answers.

Insight, Impact, Action. What is worth your attention, why is it worth it, and what you should do about it.

That's it. That's blyp. That's all there is to it.

No dashboards, no lengthy report configurations, no wasted hours of scrambling for numbers from multiple sources, no more analytics.

Take the leap, we’ll be there for you - one blyp at a time.

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