Update from Blyp

Dear Blyp community, effective immediately, we'll be pausing our services at Blyp. For everyone who's been with us, a big thank you.
Your support and feedback have been invaluable.
As always, your data's privacy is a top priority for us. We'll be erasing all user data.
For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@blyp.ai

So what the *bleep* is Blyp?

Forget analytics apps, profit trackers, and other time-consuming solutions. Blyp empowers you to leverage your store's data the way big enterprises do - 100% automatically.

4 Blyp categories
All designed to grow your store

It's a budget game - so let's
allocate it better


Your Marketing Blyps shine a light on every aspect of your operation. Best times for ad placement, top performing campaigns, where you should focus your ad spend resources, and so much more.

Social media ads, email campaigns, flash sales, you name it.

Each one is unique but,
oh the patterns they create


You can't possibly monitor EVERYTHING your store visitors are doing. And even if you could, you'd need a team of analysts to draw the right insights. And, when Blyp does it all for you - every buyer signals turns into a transaction.

New prospect, second purchase, churn prevention - Blyp's on it.

Inventory optimized at
an enterprise level


Your top performers, the ones that collect dust on the shelf, return rates, what to bundle, how to cross-sell... By giving you revenue-focused instruction on how to manage your products, Blyp is your #1 growth engine.

No matter your niche or business model is - Blyp will help you scale.

It's all about user experience


With Blyp's tips and alerts, your ecommerce website turns into a flawless funnel that ends in "thanks for your order." With Blyp, you'll clean 404 pages, organize product hierarchy, and fine-tune promotions in a way that will yield results in a few weeks.

It's home to your passion. Let's grow it blyp by blyp.

3 ways Blyp keeps you covered


The AI-driven algorithm that's at the heart of Blyp monitors your store to identify interesting patterns. That is usually where other apps stop. Our team of data geeks created dozens of ecommerce queries that give you revenue-focused insights. Stuff like:

° Demographics & seasonality
° HML, return rate, AOV

But that's not it. Every blyp includes action items that can have quick impact on your bottom line.


One small bug can cost a lot. Blyp's ability to detect discrepancies throughout your website and channels, makes it the perfect ecommerce watch dog.

° Website health
° Promotion/coupon abuse
° Broken links
° Integration errors

And thanks to Blyp's integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, some issues can be fixed with one click.


We hate seeing talented retailers staring at dashboards all day. That's Blyp's job. But we DO make sure to keep you in the loop with weekly and monthly reports. We collect all the important stats you need to know:

⊛ Sales
⊛ Traffic
⊛ Marketing channels
⊛ Inventory

You can copy-paste them into your quarterly plan (don't forget to erase the Blyp logo 🤓).

Your store data is protected

We do not install any code on your website or use your data for anything other than generating blyps.

We don't slow you down

We don't run anything on your website. We simply watch the data your store collects and process it on our servers.

Audited by humans

Though Blyp is 100% AI-driven our team of ecommerce analysts still audits your blyps. And since we're data geeks, we enjoy it 🤓

Set Blyp up in 3 simple steps and save up to 20 hours a week

It's free for life and no credit card in needed. You simply add it to your store with one simple click.
Connect your Google Analytics and Facebook Ads accounts to turn Blyp into your single source of insight.
Blyp it!
That's it. Blyp is on the job. It will process your store's data (we go all the way back to the day you launched) and come back after up to 48 hours with valuable insights.

When you’re blazing a trail, you don’t have time for analytics * that frazzle your brain.

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