Will an error 404 message lower my Shopify store's Google visibility?

Asked a month ago

One of my customers pointed out an error 404 message that popped up when she clicked the link for one of my Shopify collections. I realized that it's because I changed the URL for the Shopify collection and haven't created a 301 redirect. I also checked my KPIs and noticed that my click rate had decreased. Could my store's organic ranking be negatively affected by a broken link?

Elliot Stafford

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

As a Shopify store owner, the primary goal is to provide value to customers. But 404 error message tends to do otherwise; it annoys the customers, decreasing the dwell time. Additionally, a 404 message can expose your store to negative ratings that may affect your Shopify store's Google visibility. However, a 404 broken link doesn't directly impact SEO.

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