Which tools or systems are you using for e-commerce analytics?

Asked 2 years ago

Hell and god morning. I'm looking for recommended analytical softwares that you have tried and tested on your online store. Which tools do you think are the best and why?

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Abeeha Qasmi

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Ecommerce analytical tools help analyze performance, progress, and areas of improvement on your website. Key ecommerce tracking metrics requiring close monitoring include average conversion rate, AOV, and RPV. Some vital website analytics are:

  1. Google Analytics: It's free and gives unmatched insights about your site traffic.
  2. Woopra: Paints a clear picture of why customers abandoned the idea of buying your product.
  3. Matomo: It is pocket-friendly with features of GA and beyond.
  4. Supermetrics: Generates ready to review data from various sources.

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