Which reports can you get using Google Analytics?

Asked 2 years ago

Could someone please list the reports that you can get from Google Analytics? I want to know if it is something that would be useful for me.

Google analytics
Google analytics

Jeremy Hyde

Thursday, November 25, 2021

The following are the essential reports in Google Analytics:

  1. Real-time Report: Monitors the activity on your website.
  2. Acquisition Report: Tells how viewers land on your site.
  3. Engagement Report: Measures user engagement.
  4. Monetization Report: This allows you to calculate the cost of purchases, ads, and revenue.
  5. Retention Report: Determines the frequency and duration users engage with your site after the first interaction.
  6. Demographics Report: Show visitors' age, location, and language, etc.
  7. Tech Report: Shows traffic based on your viewers' device.

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