What is the benefit of using dual tagging for my Shopify store?

Asked 25 days ago

My Shopify store sells PDF sewing patterns. I am swiftly learning more about Google Analytics 4 because I need to make the migration from Universal Analytics before 2023. My brother has been helping me learn the different ways I can make migration easier, including something called dual tagging. However, how beneficial is this really?

Carey Briggs

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Here are two main benefits of using dual tagging for Shopify stores:

  1. Get Historical Data: GA4 does not bring any data stored in Universal Analytics. Instead, it only starts to track the data upon the setup activation. Get the GA4 dual tagging early to have an extended historical data availability.
  2. Extended Features and Updates: Dual tagging lets you get your hands on useful insights like pageviews and five other events: scroll, downloads, exit links, internal search, and YouTube interactions.

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