Does set up assistant connect my Google Analytics 4 property with my Universal Analytics property?

Asked a month ago

I am trying to learn Google Analytics 4 in preparation for it to be phased out by July 2023. When using Universal Analytics, my data was grouped into sessions where the interactions of all my users were stored as hits. Now I understand that GA4 will store these hits as "events." Will the setup assistant be able to translate a GA4 property into a Universal Analytics property on its own, reliably?

Jeremy Hyde

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Yes! The Setup Assistant can reliably translate the Universal Analytics property to Google Analytics 4 property. When creating a new property in UA, you will get an option to migrate the property configurations from the UA to GA4. The Setup Assistant will make a connection between both the analytics. After the link is formed, you can emigrate the properties from Universal Analytics to GA4.

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