How do I define my own product analytics KPIs?

Asked 14 days ago

I want to develop a kind of scale to improve the performance of my products and my business. What exactly are the steps to developing and defining your own KPIs in e-commerce?

Steve Wilkinson

Friday, June 17, 2022

Follow these 3 systematic steps to develop successful KPIs:

  1. Have Clear Goals: You need to have clear goals to make relevant KPIs that can give you critical insights.
  2. Leading vs. Lagging Indicators: Separate the indicators into leading (what your company is gaining) and lagging (what your company is losing).
  3. Decide KPIs: Question yourself. Will the following KPIs help you get the insight you need? It will help you choose the most suitable option. You don't have to select 100s of KPIs. Just 10 most relevant KPIs would work well.

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