Rebekah Brace

Rebekah Brace


Technology, Branding, Business Development, Software, Social Media, Marketing, Business Strategy, Healthcare


Honours in Literature and Creative Writing from the Open University


Rebekah has been working as a professional blogger, copywriter, and journalist for over 6 years now. Her content experience runs the gamut from SEO-focused strategical posts to news reports, interviews, and thought leadership blogs. She has worked with press releases, email marketing strategies, and extensive promotion strategies (including social media). During her time as a content specialist, Rebekah has helped countless brands to grow their presence online, through tailor-made content creation and marketing strategies. She’s a long-term writer for numerous high-quality publications and has gained extensive experience in her specialist sectors of technology and branding over the years.

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Rebekah has an exotic savannah cat, a Maine Coon and a wire-haired sausage dog, all of whom she works on training in her free time.

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