Jonathan Halbrecht - Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Blyp

Jonathan Halbrecht


eCommerce, eCommerce Analytics, Market research, Competitive Intelligence, Product Management, Business Development

Jonathan Halbrecht's Experience

Jonathan is an experienced analytics consultant, advisor, and team leader with deep roots in the eCommerce, media, and gaming industries. He has over a decade of experience in creating processes and designing solutions that support data-driven decisions by executives through designing solutions that deliver concise and powerful insights. Currently working on solving eCommerce SMB needs.

Quote From Jonathan Halbrecht

"The shift to eCommerce opened up a world of opportunities to gauge and analyze data; a world that was only available for global brands. It is truly the golden age of eCommerce entrepreneurship. However, it also increased the need for sophisticated and precise business analysis. As a result, we see retail SMBs use tech solutions that empower them to leverage data analysis at an enterprise level"

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