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Brody Hall


SAAS, E-Commerce, SEO and Content Marketing, Environmental Sciences


Bachelor of Science from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia


  • Spent 3 years at an international SEO company


Brody Hall uses his skills and knowledge of marketing, SEO practices, and science to give readers valuable insight into e-commerce. He has worked alongside many agencies, startups, and brands, researching various topics and creating new and exciting angles relevant to his audience. Brody also enjoys leveraging his background in the sciences to provide actionable wisdom for his readers. When not online, you’ll often find him checking his local surf breaks and working on his green tea addiction.

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"The evolution of technology continues to broaden the reach of communication. To me, this is why it's important to keep up with today's fast-paced world by seeking not just new ideas, but also methods that help us make the most of the technological resources we have at our disposal."

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