Xena Workwear – Helping Women to Thrive in Any Job Role

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Joel Taylor
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Published March 22, 2022.

Xena Workwear – Helping Women to Thrive in Any Job Role

Women working in male-dominated industries still face challenges on a daily basis that can hold them back from finding the success they deserve in their careers. Finding workwear that is designed for women is still a huge struggle, but Xena Workwear is here to provide a stylish solution to protect women while going about their daily tasks. As the owner of Xena Workwear, Anastasia Kraft is here today to discuss what it takes to create a successful Shopify business.

What Does Xena Workwear Offer?

Xena Workwear was founded in 2019 and designs and manufactures stylish steel toes and apparel for professional women. The aim of the brand is to help women express their true personalities while feeling confident in any job role they take on. Before this, Anastasia found that the legacy safety shoe market simply did not care about women’s needs. They employed the “shrink it and pink it” model to offer these products simply by making their shoes smaller and adding a splash of pink to them. Anastasia knows this is not at all what professional women want, and so she decided to take matters into her own hands. This is how Xena Workwear was born, and its range of products has only continued to expand over the past few years.

When she first launched the company in 2019, Anastasia soon found she received a massive amount of positive feedback. Women in male-dominated industries had been complaining about the lack of safety boots on offer for years, and they were thrilled to see a company that tailored products specifically to their needs. The boots on offer are so much safer now that they fit properly and make doing everyday tasks easier than ever before. It’s still a challenge to let women in these industries know there are better safety shoe options on offer, but slowly the word is spreading about the products offered by Xena Workwear.

Xena Workwear

Setting Up an Online Business

Anastasia loves sharing her advice about setting up a Shopify store with new business owners. She recommends focusing on a clean and intuitive design when building your store so that customers can find exactly what they want straight away. When communicating with your customers across any channel, make sure your communications sound authentic and speak directly to your customers.

Before you even start thinking about launching your first products, take the time to install all of the apps you need to make your site fully functional. This includes signing up for email accounts, building an Instagram feed, and setting up a reviews page. The more you can do in advance of getting inundated with sales, the easier it will be to grow your business in the future. Anastasia originally used Squarespace for her business website, but this is something she wouldn’t recommend to new business owners. Instead, she encourages you to start on Shopify immediately, as it’s much better suited for e-commerce.

Xena Workwear

Perfect is the Enemy of Great

While many of us think we need to strive for perfection when launching a new business, this should never be your main focus. Anastasia shares that perfect is the enemy of great. Don’t strive for perfection. Instead, spend your time and energy setting up systems early on, rather than wasting time on one-off processes. Make sure you have the proper product-market fit by religiously pouring over early customer feedback. While this might seem like a time-consuming task, it’s well worth it to offer your customers exactly what they need. As you launch your business, keep an eye on your ad-related metrics and continue to make necessary adjustments to target your potential customers in a more effective manner.

There was clearly a huge need for the products that Xena Workwear offers, and we wish Anastasia success in the upcoming year with her business. If you are interested in her products, check out the company’s website for more information. When launching a business, it’s so important to fill a gap in the market and work to offer your customers something that will provide true value in their life. By following Anastasia’s advice, you’ll be able to find success in any niche and build a Shopify store that will attract a global audience in the near future.