Top Tips from SodaPup to Adopt a Multichannel Selling Strategy

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 23, 2022.

SodaPup to Adopt a Multichannel Selling Strategy

While the majority of dog toys on the market are produced in China, SodaPup is committed to creating American-made dog toys. They’ve taken on a multichannel selling strategy, which offers them more control over their sales. Today we sat down with the founder of SodaPup, Adam Baker, to learn more about how you can adopt this approach when launching a Shopify store.

What Does SodaPup Offer?

SodaPup launched in 2013 and is a veteran-owned business that is committed to manufacturing each and every one of its products in the USA. Most dog toys are produced in China, and there’s a huge lack of variety within the category of molded dog toys. The business aims to fill this void while allowing consumers to purchase a product that’s manufactured closer to home.

For SodaPup, the key to their success has been adopting a multichannel selling strategy. Direct selling is a key part of this strategy, and it gives Adam and the team the most control over brand messaging and the consumer experience. Their Shopify store is used to sell to wholesale accounts and distributor accounts, expanding the ways in which they can share their product with the world.

Doubling Their Business Last Year

Adam found huge success last year when they doubled their business in just that one year. However, he never feels as though they’ve fully nailed it, as e-commerce is continually growing and changing. Adam really enjoys the learning process of this dynamic market, which rewards early adopters of new technology and different ways of working. The best decision the company ever made was to use the Shopify platform. It’s the same as the iPhone – a good basic platform where you can add many capabilities thanks to the wide range of apps on offer. Shopify allows you to fully customize your store to meet your unique needs, which is why it’s the ideal option for anyone looking to set up an online store in the upcoming year.

Find the Confidence to Get Started

As a business owner, Adam’s only regret is that he didn’t start sooner. He has loved every moment of his journey so far and wishes he had had the confidence to begin earlier. At the current time, the team at SodaPup is working to develop their backend systems and processes to keep up with demand. They need more people, more money, and more space to meet this growing demand. By finding the right systems to help them be as efficient as possible, Adam is confident they can continue to go from strength to strength over the next few years.

Top Tips for New Shopify Store Owners

If you are thinking about opening up a new Shopify store in 2022, Adam shared his top tips with us to help you to succeed. Firstly, keep it simple and easy to understand. No matter what you are offering, you can take this advice on board to help you connect with your customers. Adam recommends integrating your digital marketing efforts into one place. SodaPup uses a platform called Springbot. It consolidates all of their digital marketing into one place on their Shopify platform. When you have everything in one central location, you’ll find that it’s so much easy to manage all of your marketing.

For Adam and the team, they are passionate about offering products that are made in the USA. While this certainly presents some challenges for business owners, it’s something Adam highly recommends considering. Consumers love supporting locally owned companies, and you can ensure that each product you create is of the highest quality. Where possible, this is a strategy that’s well worth taking, and you’ll find your connection with your audience only continues to grow year after year.

A big thank you to Adam for sitting down with us to share his stories of success with SodaPup. If you are interested in learning more about their products and to view their Shopify store, head to their website. We hope that Adam’s experiences and knowledge will help to push you forward when opening a Shopify store this year. While there will be ups and downs on your journey, try to find the confidence to get started, as you never know what might happen if you just give it a go.