Top Tips from SoCo for Selling Direct to Consumers Online With Your Shopify Store

By Shir Lapidot

Published February 14, 2022.

SoCo Creamy tahini-based products

While businesses previously relied on traditional sales methods, more companies than ever are now opting to follow a direct-to-consumer model online. Today we sat down with Goni Light of SoCo, which offers authentic, creamy tahini-based products. Let’s take a look at some of Goni’s top tips for thriving online when launching a Shopify store this year.

What is SoCo?

SoCo was founded in 2018 with the desire to be your bridge to a world of healthy and tasty possibilities. They offer a range of authentic, creamy tahini-based products, which help to offer customers healthier food options to consume as part of a well-balanced diet. Before launching the company, Goni spent a year researching the market, looking into the consumption trends of the American public. By taking the necessary time to conduct thorough market research, they were able to create a vertically integrated brand selling direct to consumers online.

In order to find success using an online store, they leveraged their team’s know-how of social media and online marketing. These are critical to staying ahead in any industry, especially within the operations of a highly fragmented, fast-growing market. They have successfully met their goal of bringing quality tahini straight to consumers, with sales only continuing to grow year after year.

Securing Return Customers

For Goni and the team at SoCo, they knew they had made it when they started to receive positive feedback from their customers. To see them return over and over again was the best feeling, and it still gives them a huge sense of accomplishment to this day. At SoCo, they believe that having top-notch customer support and social media teams is a huge part of securing return customers. Customers need to know where they can go when they have a question. By offering these clear communication channels, you can work to overcome any issues and provide them with a resolution to any problems as soon as possible. Community is critical for any online business, and these channels help to offer a clear chain of communication from the comfort of their own home.

The First Steps to Success

SoCo attributes its success to its diligent research, which is one of Goni’s top tips for any new business owner. From there, you’ll need to take care of all of the bureaucracy-related tasks for your business. These include your business name, trademark, and other legalities. Put your focus on product development and suppliers after this, which will help you to get ready for a successful launch. While Goni and the team certainly know they made mistakes on their journey, this is all part of the company’s development and has led them to their successful business today. The best kind of mistake is where the cost is low, but the learning is high, so try to invest in more resources to help avoid major issues for your company.

Overcoming Hurdles on Your Business Journey

At the current time, one of the biggest issues for SoCo is with iOS 14 limitations. These have made conversion rates inaccurate, which impacts making business decisions regarding market spending and creatives. They are not alone with these struggles, but by building a support network with other entrepreneurs, you can work to encourage each other during these trying times.

As far as top tips for your business launch, Goni encourages you to focus on creating a superior product. You can then work on your execution to ensure you’ll stand out in the marketplace during your launch. Try to remain focused and specific when creating business goals. While you might want to try and retain full control over the business, Goni recommends trying to delegate wherever possible. This allows you to focus on the most important tasks and frees up your time to continue building your brand.

A huge thank you to Goni Light of SoCo for speaking to us today about the ups and downs of running a Shopify store. We encourage you to check out their website, where you’ll be able to find out more about their full range of products. By following their top tips shared above, you’ll find that you can work to overcome any challenges that come your way and enjoy online success just like the team at SoCo.