Take Ownership of Your Life with CollegeLogic

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 10, 2022.

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For parents and students across the country, college is one of the most costly times of their life. CollegeLogic helps to encourage student-families to take ownership of their life and turn their dreams into reality. Today we sat down with Hans Hanson, the founder of CollegeLogic, to learn more about how his business started back in 2010.

What is CollegeLogic?

CollegeLogic is an online platform that teaches, coaches, and mentors high school student-families to take ownership of their life, using college as the platform to do just this. Hans helps to save parents thousands of dollars on college costs and allows them to turn their kids’ dreams into a reality. For Hans, this outcome is what he lives for, and it’s what motivates him every day in life. He strives to change the way people look at and approach college. Hans hopes that people will begin to approach college from the standpoint of an educated buyer instead of just acting like a desperate parent. People need to understand that colleges hold the power-position, but with his help, they can take back control of their child’s future and help them to achieve success in life.

Learning to Motivate Students

For parents, one of the biggest challenges is finding a way to motivate their children at this pivotal time in their life. Hans knew he’d found success about seven or eight years ago when he discovered the secret to motivating and working with students. Motivation can only come within, and it can’t just be imposed by the outside world or parents. This secret is what helped to take CollegeLogic to the next level and sets the business apart from any similar services online. In order to find success with a Shopify store, you need to establish your services and products. From there, describe them clearly and price them according to the market you are operating within. With the right technology, trust, and confidence, you’ll be able to find success when opening an e-commerce store.

Be Willing to Transform as Dictated by the Market

Hans found the biggest challenge when opening his online store was to determine the extent of the services and then price them accordingly. It’s important to express what you offer in terms that are understandable to the audience, which for Hans is the prospective families he markets his offerings to. Hans encourages you to know your business and market and be willing to allow your business to transform as the market dictates in the future.

Set yourself up for success with the right technology at the start of your business, as this is one area that’s not worth skimping on. To be a successful small business owner, you need to inspire other people. For Hans, he wakes up each day with three intentions, “Help people learn something, make people feel something, and inspire people to take action.”

Thank you Hans for sharing your words of wisdom with us today. Check out CollegeLogic online to learn more about their offerings and how they help parents and students during this momentous time in their lives.