Spreading the Love Online With Threddies

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Joel Taylor
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Published February 24, 2022.

Spreading the Love Online With Threddies

As the owner of Threddies, Elana Donmoyer has been offering wholesale hair accessories and hosiery basics to consumers since 1999. Threddies offers a wide range of products and aims to spread the love with their colorful accessories online. Today we sat down with Elana to learn more about Threddies and to discover her best advice for anyone setting up a Shopify store.

What Does Threddies Offer?

Elana Donmoyer first created Threddies in 1999, and the company offers wholesale hair accessories and hosiery basics. They have a wide selection of in-stock colors, which can be purchased either by the piece or in bulk. Elana loves a great basic and offers a wide variety of colors, and strives to spread the love online with her range of products. Threddies sells its range of products via their dedicated online store. Elana didn’t want to rely on online marketplaces for all of their online sales. The fees for these sites can be so high, and you are also restricted in what you can and can’t do with their policies. For that reason, she thinks that running your own e-commerce store is the best way forward. It allows you to operate as independently as possible and retain full control over your business.

Making the Switch to Shopify

When Threddies first started operating online, Elana used Zencart to create an online store. This is a free, open-source solution, which worked well for the company to begin with. However, it was making the switch to Shopify that really cemented their place in the online marketplace. By learning more about all of the features and tools on offer via Shopify, Threddies was able to become even more successful online. Shopify is the perfect solution for any type of online store, and Elana highly recommends this solution for any new business owner.

When starting a new online store, Elana recommends that you start by identifying your products and finding your niche. From there, pick a great website or system, such as Shopify, to present your line and keep you organized. From there, you’ll need to keep tweaking things until you find the success you desire. Continue adding new products as you see fit to take your business to new levels year after year. If Elana could go back in time, she would have integrated inventory across sales channels from day one. This would have made it easier to keep on top of the products she had in stock and ensure no issues occurred in this area.

Finding Work-Life Balance

When we speak to Shopify store owners and other individuals working online, one of the biggest struggles we hear is about maintaining work-life balance. Elana found this to be a challenge at the beginning for both her and her employees. She tries to remember that we work to live, not live to work. This comes with its challenges and rewards, but by keeping your mental health and balance in mind at all times, you can enjoy every moment of working on your business.

Top Tips for Opening a New Shopify Store

When launching a new Shopify store, Elana recommends making yourself completely aware of the fees associated with online marketplaces before signing up. Do all of the research upfront so that you aren’t shocked by the fees later on. Mind your inventory from day one, and learn how to make good projections. Try to keep on top of any events in the world that may impact your ability to obtain or create more products. This has been a huge issue for companies during the recent pandemic, but it’s critical to keep one step ahead of the competition and to avoid disappointing your customers. By following these top tips, anyone can find online success this year when they launch a new Shopify store.

A huge thank you to Elana for sitting down with us today to share her words of wisdom about opening and operating a Shopify store. If you want to learn more about Threddies and the products they offer, make sure you visit their site today. We wish Elana and her team the best for the upcoming year, and we can’t wait to see how the business continues to expand in the future.