Seeking Success Online Following the Challenges of COVID-19

By Shir Lapidot
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published May 3, 2022.

A glass ramekin with Ashwagandha powder next to a wooden spoon

The past two years have certainly had their fair share of challenges for many of us. For father and son team, Shivinder Madan and Buland Madan, they used this time to follow their passions and start a new Shopify store. Let’s take a look at what Organic Way LLC has to offer and how they came to find success online during even one of the most difficult periods in history.

What is Organic Way LLC?

Organic Way LLC was founded in November 2020 and offers organic certified food products. They primarily cater to the organic tea and organic food industry, offering spices, herbs, and dried fruits in their online store. The father and son team are the active founders behind the company, but they also work with silent founders and investors to bring their vision to life.

The inspiration for Organic Way LLC came from a growing interest in the space from consumers. They had an existing relationship with the farms they work directly with in Eastern Europe and Asia, avoiding brokers and middlemen when coursing their products. Shivinder and Buland wanted to create a scalable business with a superior and healthy product that could benefit the consumers. They also hope to use their online store as a platform to educate their consumers about the potential benefits and uses of the products they sell.

A packet of ashwagandha powder in front of the raw ingredient

Overcoming the Difficulties of COVID-19

As with many other people, 2020 was an incredibly tough time for the team. Buland had unfortunately lost his previous business during the pandemic. His father had always been an entrepreneur and had many years of experience importing and exporting his own products. They took this as an opportunity to work together for the first time ever, and it’s been a great experience so far. With all of Shivinder’s experience with global logistics and supply chains and Buland’s time working with managing and implementing technology solutions, they were collectively able to create a scalable e-commerce business.

The company is now just over one year old, and they have found some success online already. While it’s still early days, they continue to work hard together to get where they eventually believe their business can and will go. They have very high expectations for themselves about what they would like to accomplish and believe they are getting closer to nailing it. There are still some hurdles to climb, but when the company started receiving organic Google traffic, they knew they were onto something. Steller consumer reviews are also a great form of validation for the team, as well as noticing an increase in direct engagement with their customers and higher sales trends each month.

The Importance of Data Analytics

Shivinder and Buland are really beginning to wrap their heads around the importance of data analysis. It’s something they wish they had implemented much sooner when building Organic Way LLC, which is something that any new Shopify store owner can keep in mind when building their business. They recommend looking at social reach, impressions, CTR, add to carts, session duration, and users, as these are some of the most useful metrics out there. By actively measuring these areas, they can receive insight into critical metrics to strive for constant improvement for their brand. If they could go back in time, they would have started out by implementing a singular system to analyze their data across all sources. This would have saved a lot of time manually sifting through what can sometimes feel like mountains of data.

Logistical Challenges for the Company

Many companies have found the past year particularly challenging as far as logistics. The global pandemic and the current war have made it more difficult to secure container ships. This increases the cost per container, and there are also challenges as far as communication with the ports. For business owners, the team recommends really keeping on top of your available inventory. This will help you to offer your customer base the most requested products. You don’t want to be out of stock for too long with anything, or you may find they look elsewhere. By learning how to offer stellar customer service and reacting quickly, you work to compete with other top online businesses and find success in the future.

For more information about Organic Way LLC, check out their website today. Thank you to Shivinder and Buland Madan for sharing your incredible journey so far, and we can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for the business.