Redefining Healthy Snack Habits With TBH

By Shir Lapidot

Published February 13, 2022.

Vegan hazelnut cocoa spread by TBH

The journey of launching your own business will no doubt come with its ups and downs, but when you stick to your values and strive to offer a product that will change the marketplace, it’s an incredibly worthwhile journey. Today we sat down with Noah Schnapp, the founder of TBH, and Elena Guberman, the CEO of TBH, to learn how they are reinventing healthy snacking habits with TBH.

What is TBH?

TBH is a better-for-you hazelnut cocoa spread that is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. The product aims to be better for the planet than your typical snack product and works to deliver a new take on a childhood favorite. Noah Schnapp is the founder of TBH, alongside Ba Minnuzzi and UMANA Venture Studio, whereas Elena Guberman is the CEO of TBH. They use high-quality ingredients to offer their customers the perfect snack at any time of the day while ensuring they keep in touch with their values as business owners.

For Noah, he always knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know where to get started. That was until two years ago when his journey really began when he met the team at UMANA Venture Studio, and they started actively brainstorming. Once they tasted the first samples of the product, they knew they had absolutely nailed it. The goal of TBH is to keep the nostalgic taste of hazelnut cocoa spreads that Noah loved but to reduce both the impact on our health and the planet from consuming this product regularly.

Launching a Shopify Store – Conduct Your Market Research

When asked about their top tips for launching a Shopify store, the team at TBH suggests taking as much time as needed to conduct your market research. This will tell you if there is a real opportunity to turn your idea into a successful business. You’ll be able to gather information about potential customers and ensure that your time and resources will be well spent on this project. Just because you have a good idea, it doesn’t mean that it will naturally result in a successful business. The more research you can do early on, the more likely you’ll continue to move in the right direction in the future.

teaspoon with hazelnut cocoa spread

Celebrate the Small Wins

As a Shopify store owner, it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day madness of running a business. However, Noah and Elena highly recommend taking the time to celebrate the small wins. The journey is what truly matters as a business owner, so don’t forget to sit back and see how far you’ve come from time to time. During their journey, the team at TBH focused on connecting to Noah’s audience and aligning with their values and expectations. As a Gen Z founder, Noah led the creation and design of TBH, with the aim of offering the next generation of snackers a product that they’ll enjoy regularly consuming as part of a well-balanced diet.

Building Your Audience

When it comes to launching your new business, the team at TBH recommends putting up a landing page when you are getting ready to share your new product with the world. From there, you can start to build your email list, ready for the big launch. As far as your product, make sure you focus on having a strong idea and copy for your website, which will help you to sell almost anything you could imagine. Finding your evangelist is something else you need to focus on. They’ll be your strongest customer and will help to spread the word about the incredible new offering you have to share.

No matter what type of Shopify store you own or are about to launch, all of these top tips from TBH can be applied to your business to help you find success online. Even in the competitive world of snacking, TBH has managed to find its audience and enjoy incredible success. Thank you to Noah and Elena for speaking to us today and sharing their words of wisdom. For more information about their range, visit TBH online. We highly recommend giving their delicious hazelnut cocoa spread a try, which will revolutionize your snacking game this year.