Open a Successful Store in 2022 By Following These Top Tips from Julia Faller of Benedetta

By Shir Lapidot

Published December 30, 2021.

Julia Faller of Benedetta

During the past two years, health has been one of the top priorities for individuals around the world. Since 1996, Julia Faller has offered 100% botanical organic and biodynamic personal care products through Benedetta. Julia spoke to us to share her top tips for anyone looking to open a new physical or online store as we enter into 2022.

What Does Benedetta Offer?

Benedetta provides 100% botanical organic personal care products using formulas that were never previously seen on the market. They use active formulas to address the systemic health and wellbeing of the skin, creating game-changing products in what can otherwise be a very fake industry. The company opened back in February 1996, where Benedetta was founded and started offering years of customized treatments. Julia is a licensed esthetician and clinician within holistic arts and knows how important it is to care for customers directly. They had a Niche Shop in the San Francisco Ferry Building for over twelve years, which offered another opportunity to care for their customers directly. Since that time, the business then headed online, offering customers from around the world the chance to try products that might not otherwise be accessible to them.

The First Steps for Anyone Opening a New Store in 2022

As far as opening a physical store, location and store appeal are the number one concerns for business owners. However, this advice can also be taken into the online world. Design your site with the customer experience in mind, and keep the end user as your focus in every change or action you make. For Julia, her aim was always to change her customers’ skin for the better, and seeing customers waiting in line to meet her during a mini spa day was the moment she knew she had made it. She recommends always creating products for good and not for profit, as this will be so much more rewarding for you and your team.

Thriving in an Over-Saturated Market

One of the biggest challenges that Julia still faces to this day is operating within an over-saturated market. Julia shared that if she could go back in time, she would position herself as the founder and formulator, sharing her story with the world to instill trust in her customers. She knows there is more to her success than just the ingredients she uses, so first, she formulates the products before sourcing the cleanest and most vibrant botanicals.

Julia recommends always having a compelling story to tell for your online store, regardless of what industry you are operating in. In the market she is working within, there is a responsibility to help people instead of just focusing on profits. Keeping the end user in mind at all times will help to navigate you through the more trying times and ensure you are offering quality products that they’ll come back for time and again.

Visit Benedetta online to learn more about the full range of products on offer. Thank you to Julia for sharing her story today and providing inspiration for new store owners in 2022.