Offering Your Customers Personalized Products to Find Online Success

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 25, 2022.

Kids with Rey To Z hats

For Jennifer Bennett of Rey To Z, offering her customers the ability to customize their products is what led to her great success online. Customers today are expecting more and more from their online shopping experience. You’ll find that when you can offer them something that’s a little bit different from other stores, you’ll be ready to turn your passion into a full-time venture. Keep reading as we discover more about offering personalized products to consumers from Jennifer.

What is Rey To Z?

Rey To Z was founded by Jennifer Bennett in Fall 2017 and offers custom baseball hats, pullovers, beanies, and much more. Their most popular product is the range of hats which have letters on the front of them. Jennifer and the team know how much their customers love personalized products, and wearing a hat that’s unique to them is a great addition to their wardrobe. Their collection of hats is designed for the whole family, meaning you can get matching hats for your upcoming trip or school event.

As a mom herself, Jennifer was on a mission to make every single day more special for her family. The store was inspired by and named after her daughter Rey, and from there, she set out to create personalized hats for her whole crew. The smallest kids through to your grandparents can enjoy wearing a high-quality, custom hat from Rey To Z.

Finding Success Online in 2022

Jennifer finds that even though her store has been running for a few years now, the feeling of being successful never quite arrives. She always wants to do more and better her store and her skills. Over the past few years, she’s experienced many successes, which have led to the store expanding and offering products beyond hats. They are excited to be getting into more family homes across the country and the world and only hope this success will continue year after year.

When it comes to finding success when launching a new Shopify store, Jennifer recommends that you try to do everything yourself for the first year. Learn every step of your business before you bring on help and outsource any tasks you don’t enjoy doing so much. Try to actively engage with your customers. Respond to their customer service emails and reply to DM’s on Instagram. This is the best way to engage with your community and learn what they are really after and what could be improved about your offerings. You need to be open to good and bad feedback, as they’ll both push your store to be the best possible in the future.

Jennifer Bennett of Rey To Z

Things Jennifer Would Change About Starting Her Business

For Jennifer, the one thing she wishes she had known more about to begin with would be marketing. Affiliate marketing, emails, SMS, ads, and social media are just a few of the things she’s had to master over the years. She would have tried more things early on if she could go back in time. One of the biggest challenges for her was trying to scale when operating with a lean team and a limited amount of inventory. The pandemic has been such an uncertain time for business owners, so it’s been much harder to gauge demand. Supply chain issues are still a problem, so new business owners need to be aware of the timelines associated with these to avoid disappointing their customers.

A great tip Jennifer shared for new business owners is to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Try to find people who are at the same stage as you are so that you can share what does and doesn’t work. They might share the next great app or product you could use, which will make your life so much easier. By doing everything yourself at first as well, you’ll feel like you have better control when you scale your business and delegate work to team members.

Thank you to Jennifer for joining us today and sharing some great tips for new Shopify owners. Check out Rey To Z to learn more about their fun customized products or to purchase matching hats for you and your family to wear together this year.