NoNetz – Creating Non-Irritating Activewear for Boys and Men

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Joel Taylor
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Published April 10, 2022.

NoNetz – Creating Non-Irritating Activewear for Boys and Men

Working out is a huge part of many of our lives, but when your activewear causes discomfort or rashes, it can be a very unpleasant task. Cathy Paraggio took matters into her own hands and founded NoNetz, Inc. in 2016 to help overcome this issue for boys and men. Keep reading to discover some of her top tips for new Shopify store owners this year.

What Does NoNetz Offer?

NoNetz makes non-irritating activewear for boys and men. Prior to launching the business, Cathy noticed uncomfortable guys who were struggling to find the right clothing to support their training. This led her to design clothing that didn’t cause skin rashes. All of their designs are tested to ensure the texture of the material is suitable for sensitive skin. They replaced the traditional mesh and net material with a softer material that is less likely to irritate even the most sensitive of skin.

For Cathy, the inspiration behind opening NoNetz is a story she loves telling to customers and friends. Her son, Chris, told her he wanted to study music at college. At the time, it seemed like a bad idea. She envisioned him playing in subways with an open guitar case for spare change. Cathy thought to herself, “Why do people fail at doing things they love?” She realized that they might not have the right support or tools to get where they hope to be in life. This is what she keeps in mind when working hard every day at NoNetz, as she knows she could be helping others to get one step closer to their dreams when they are supported by comfortable activewear.

Finding Success Online With an Innovative Product

One day, Cathy was visiting a water park and heard some other visitors discussing how comfortable their NoNetz were. Before, they said they couldn’t really enjoy the beach or water without experiencing skin rashes. Now, they enjoy playing in the water all day long. This was such an exciting moment for Cathy, and she was proud to hear how much her products improved people’s quality of life. This type of feedback is what drives Cathy and the team forward every day, as they know they are having a truly positive impact on others.

In order to find success online, Cathy recommends that you make sure you are solving a problem. Know what your customers want and listen to them each day. Test your product or service repeatedly to ensure it is the very best that you can offer. You want to make sure you would be happy buying the product you are offering so that your customers will also respond positively when they receive it in the mail. Don’t rush the testing process, as this could be the first huge mistake you make and cost you greatly in the long run.

Conducting Research Before Launching an Online Store

There are many different areas you need to research before launching a business. For Cathy, she wishes she had spent more time understanding financing and credit. She would have gone after grants and certifications that would allow them to compete in a wholesale environment earlier. Manufacturing, shipping, and raw materials are some of the biggest challenges for NoNetz. The recent pandemic has made manufacturing anything very difficult, and the scarcity of containers was very problematic. These issues are slowly starting to resolve themselves, but it’s important to make sure you stay ahead of your inventory as much as possible to avoid disappointing your customers.

Cathy knows now that running a business is a hero’s path. You will walk alone during most of your journey and work to overcome challenges that come your way. These challenges can be the best teachers, and they will turn your fear into confidence. Before you know it, you are walking around in a cape every day.

As the owner of NoNetz, Cathy is a huge inspiration to any potential business owner. Solving an issue is so important when launching a new product, as you can use this to attract your target customer in no time at all. Check out the NoNetz website for yourself for more information or to purchase any of their non-irritating activewear.