Monetizing Your Passion With a Shopify Store

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 25, 2022.

Sebastian Cruz Couture

If you are looking for a stylish new outfit for your next wedding, work event, or party, look no further than Sebastian Cruz Couture. Cesar R. Cruz, who usually goes by Rickie Cruz, is the owner of this popular Shopify store, which has been operating online since 2013. Let’s hear from Rickie about his top tips for anyone entering the e-commerce world for the first time.

What Encouraged You to Start Sebastian Cruz Couture?

Rickie’s wife has a huge passion for fashion. He’s always been excited by entrepreneurship, and so he simply decided to monetize her passion. They started their company back in 2013 and knew there was a gap in the fashion market. At that time, they started with just seven linen pocket square designs, which they then perfected to be like nothing else that’s on the market. This then helped them to enter the competitive menswear market and continue expanding their offerings to customers around the world. Within the first year, they had made their first million through their e-commerce store, and as you can imagine, things have only continued to improve since then.

Now you’ll find that Sebastian Cruz Couture offers dinner jackets, shirts, bow ties, ties, and much more. Every single piece they design is made with passion, and they try not to follow trends that will go out of style in just a few months. They are constantly trying to evolve each day and know that their story is still being written.

Sebastian Cruz Couture

Building Relationships to Find Success

The first step to finding success online is finding a product that you really believe there is a need for. This could be something that you would love to wear or that you know there is a gap in the market for. It will give you the motivation every day to make this happen and never quit on your dreams. From there, it’s all about building relationships. Rickie states that they had zero relationships when they started, but with hard work and perseverance, they worked to build useful connections, which would help take their business to the next level over the upcoming years. Fortunately for Rickie, he had plenty of e-commerce experience since his first start-up back in 2003. This did give him a good head start when launching the business and helped them to find financial success within just a year of launching.

Learning to Delegate

For Rickie, one of the biggest challenges was learning to delegate. You can’t create 100 people just like you to do the work, so you have to accept that the work might not always be completed in the same way you would do it. However, it will give you back your time to focus on what’s most important, so it’s important to know when delegation is essential to scale your business. Scaling can be a challenge at any time, but at some point, you have to give up all control in order to make your business the success it could be.

The Definition of Entrepreneurship

“The ability to monetize your passion” is what Rickie believes is the definition of entrepreneurship. When you stay true to this motto, you can never fail. If you do fail, it’s simply that you didn’t believe in yourself enough to begin with. By adopting this type of mindset when launching a Shopify store, you can be sure you’ll stay motivated every single day to find the success your desire in life. While Rickie believes you should always take the time to listen to what other people have to say, it’s important to always follow your gut. You can’t learn entrepreneurship, and you can usually spot people with this talent from a very young age. Never quit on yourself, and believe that your habits and personality can help you to reach any goals that you set for yourself in 2022.

Sebastian Cruz Couture offers luxury menswear products online, so they would be the perfect store for your next event. Thank you to Rickie for sitting down and sharing your motivating words with us today. By adopting this positive mindset and fighting for what you believe in, you really can achieve anything you put your mind to as we enter the new year.