Meet Nathan Dorton – Owner of Successful Shopify Store Phenom Elite

By Shir Lapidot

Published December 30, 2021.

Nathan Dorton

Since 2013, Nathan Dorton has been supplying cutting-edge products to the athletic world. Phenom Elite aims to disrupt the stagnant sporting goods industry and offers a wide selection of innovative products to consumers and sports teams. We sat down with Nathan to learn more about Phenom Elite and his top tips for new Shopify store owners.

What Products Does Phenom Elite Stock?

Phenom Elite is a manufacturer and full-service online retail store that offers an extensive range of American football gloves, footwear, mouthguards, and accessories. Their unique designs stand out in the world of sporting goods, and they aim to inspire athletes and teams to take their performance to the next level. Nathan started Phenom Elite as he was tired of purchasing his own gloves and accessories whilst training for professional football opportunities. His aim was to manufacture his own brand of gloves, based on his time as a walk on wide receiver at Appalachian State University. The business took off from there to become the success it is today.

Phenom Elite

When Did You Know Your Store Had Taken Off?

Nathan knew there was something special about his store when they were the first brand to offer their unique design on the back hand of their gloves at scale. They couldn’t find another competitor offering the same types of designs as they have, and the team soon became noticed as an industry pioneer within premium custom football glove designs. For new Shopify store owners, Nathan recommends concentrating on your brand. Being a great brand means focusing on what you can do for your customers instead of just making promises you are unable to keep. He recommends being intentional about how you look after your customers so that you can find your niche and compete with the other brands within it.

Would You Change Anything If You Could Go Back in Time?

There’s not much Nathan would change if he could go back in time, but he does recommend focusing on e-commerce sales as soon as possible. Nathan also shared that he would have looked more into his inventory earlier on in the business to help achieve the success they see today without the wait. For his team, their biggest challenge is keeping products in stock. Of course, this is a great problem to have, but with good inventory management, they can overcome this issue to help run a profitable business year after year. Since the company’s launch, they’ve formed deals with NFL Hall of Famer Randy Moss and become the Official Uniform and On-Field apparel provider for the Arena Football League. The business started with just a $65 loan from Nathan’s dad and now works with teams of all sizes from across the country.

Nathan’s Top Tips for New Shopify Store Owners

If you are launching a new Shopify store in 2022, Nathan recommends bringing patience to this project. Stick with your initial plan and be diligent each day within your work. This will help to set you apart from the crowd, which is how Phenom Elite became more than just your average sports equipment brand.

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