Live a More Energized and Healthy Life With Lily Trotters

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Joel Taylor
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Published March 22, 2022.

Live a More Energized and Healthy Life With Lily Trotters

We’re all looking for ways to make simple switches in our lives to enjoy more energy and improved health. As the owner of Lily Trotters, Susan Costa-Walston is passionate about introducing compression wear to individuals of all ages. Today we sat down with Susan to learn more about the inspiration behind her brand and the benefits her products offer to her customers.

What Does Lily Trotters Offer?

Lily Trotters offers designer and athletic compression socks, all of which are made from premium materials in the USA. If you’ve never worn compression socks, you may not be aware of the many benefits they offer. Susan strives to help people live a more energized, healthy, and comfortable life just by changing the socks that they wear on a daily basis. She hopes to educate the public and show that compression socks aren’t just for the old and infirm. They are a fantastic wellness tool for people of all ages who are looking to enjoy a better overall quality of life.

Choosing an Online Store for Lily Trotters

When it came to how Susan was going to sell her products, an online store made the most sense. Her aim was to reach as many people as possible, and Shopify makes this easy no matter what type of product you are selling. For Susan, it has taken many years of hard work to make Lily Trotters the success it is today. While the store has been open since 2015, in the 4th year of operation, she began to see her conversion rate and other important site metrics performing above average. She used many different tactics to achieve this, including updating the store regularly and adding high-quality blog content for SEO. It just goes to show that time and patience are needed when launching a Shopify store in order to find the success that Susan is now enjoying online.

Lily Trotters

Keep Your Storefront Simple and Clean

While it can be so tempting to try and make your online store as fancy as possible, Susan recommends that you keep it simple and clean. This is in regards to both your design and your message. Don’t overcomplicate things in the beginning, and instead focus on offering high-quality products and excellent customer service. While there are many things that Susan wishes she could go back and change now, she knows that making mistakes is the only way to learn. By adopting this positive attitude, you can keep moving forward to make your store more profitable year after year.

The Challenges of Owning an Online Store

For any Shopify store owner, you’ll no doubt know that the biggest challenge is getting new eyes on your brand. For the size of the Lily Trotters store, Susan struggles with digital advertising at times. It can be a challenge to be successful online, but advertising is the way to keep pushing your name and brand out into the world to attract more business for your brand. Susan recommends that you try to send out free products to influencers and bloggers within your space, which can help to generate some organic buzz when you first launch.

Before even going too far with product development, make sure you come up with a great name for your brand. You need something that customers will easily remember so that they can pass on the word about your brand to their friends and family members. From there, hyper-focus on your biggest avatar to begin with so you can gain trust from consumers and continue growing your brand.

For Susan, the last few years have been an exciting journey as Lily Trotters has continued to grow year after year. She is excited to keep sharing the benefits of compression socks with individuals around the world who may not be aware of how much these products can help their overall health and wellbeing. For more information about the products they offer and how they could help you to live a more comfortable life, check out the Lily Trotters site today. Thank you to Susan for sharing her success story with future Shopify store owners, and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of 2022 with your store.