Introducing Punch’d Energy – The First Perfect Alternative to Artificial Energy Drinks

Staff Writer
By Staff Writer
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published April 10, 2022.

Introducing Punch’d Energy – The First Perfect Alternative to Artificial Energy Drinks

For any potential e-commerce store owner, you know how tough spending a long day in front of a computer can be. Punch’d Energy took that issue into their own hands, creating caffeine gummies to help you through the day. Today we met with John Pinelli to learn more about how his Shopify store came to be and the fantastic alternative to energy drinks he offers his customers.

What is Punch’d Energy?

Punch’d Energy was founded back in 2015 and offers caffeine gummies via their online store and other online retailers. The product is the first perfect alternative to artificial energy drinks, allowing you to make a healthier decision instead of picking over sugary sodas & giant whipped cream lattes. John knew they were onto something very quickly when their repeat business was three times the average for the industry. They accomplished this by continual iteration and improvement of our product. It’s also important to know that John and the team are in love with the product themselves, which helps to drive you forward each day when running a business.

Finding a Quick Way to Order Products

A fast, on-the-go product like Punch’d Energy needs a fast, easy way to order them. Customers don’t want to be waiting for weeks to get their hands on your product, which is where Shopify comes in handy. For John, his online business is thriving across his site, Amazon, Walmart & the Vitamin Having these multiple challenges helps to spread risk and diversify income while allowing more customers to have the chance to try these delicious caffeine gummies.

When getting started, John recommends you have a minimal viable product worth of your village. Try to present that product to someone who has a short attention span, and then ask them what they remember about your offering. These are the things you need to put on your online storefront or in your future marketing campaigns. Try not to overcomplicate this area, as you’ll overwhelm potential customers. Keep things short and sweet, and you’ll find they are much more attracted to your offerings.

Top Tips for Starting a Shopify Store

If John could give new store owners one piece of advice, it would be to simplify everything even more than they already did. When you make things too complicated, you only confuse your customers and leave them wondering what you are really offering. To help with the future of your business, make sure you go through a thorough planning process. This will help you to keep up with demand by forecasting spikes and dips in your business.

John also encourages new business owners to not let fear rule their day. Be passionate about your craft, and remember, if you’re not smiling, something is wrong. Owning a business is without a doubt hard work, but it should still be enjoyable. The chances are, if you are marketing and selling a product you don’t like yourself, you won’t be able to effectively capture your audience’s attention. Work is so much more pleasurable for John and the team at Punch’d Energy, as they truly love the caffeine gummies they offer and see the benefits they can provide to their customers.

Keeping Positive Energy

The team at Punch’d Energy is heavily invested in the positive energy business. No matter what type of product or service you offer, you can apply this to your work every day. If the customer is not happy, the team at Punch’d Energy isn’t happy. Always make sure your customers are happy with their purchase, and from there, you can keep punching higher and higher to make changes to your offerings.

A huge thank you to John for speaking with us today about Punch’d Energy and their caffeine gummies. We know how tough long days at work can be, and these are the perfect remedy to get you through the busiest times in your life. John is incredibly passionate about his work and his products, and this comes across in everything he does and says when working via his Shopify store. Check out their website here for yourself to view the full range of Punch’d Energy products.