Introducing Falcon Electronics

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 23, 2022.

Falcon Electronics

As the owner of Falcon Electronics, Jared Jolly has been striving since 2014 to offer camera systems to truckers and truck drivers. After seeing a gap in the market, he knew he could come up with a solution to common issues that truckers face. Keep reading to discover Jared’s top tips for launching an e-commerce store or an innovative product this year.

What Does Falcon Electronics Offer?

Falcon Electronics offers camera systems to both truck drivers and truckers. The company launched back in 2014 after noticing there was a huge gap in the market for this type of product. Within just one month, Jared knew they were onto something, as with one product and very little marketing efforts, they sold $10,000. From there, he continued to learn about Facebook ads and built his audience up. While the path to success has certainly not been easy for Jared all the time, he knows that success involves understanding you may fail. However, you can never succeed without trying, which is why he continues working to further his business every day.

How to Set Up Your Shopify Store

To start your journey into the world of e-commerce, Jared first recommends that you find a market with a need for your product or service. When you have a product that has little competition, it makes advertising so much easier when you are launching. Jared recommends just learning what you can and then getting started. You need to have some understanding of the market, but at some point, it’s best just to begin and learn as you go. For Jared, once he found this market and their need, he wished he had tried to launch additional products earlier on. If he could take back time, he would have focused more on products with a residual monthly component, which would have helped his business to become more profitable quickly.

Managing Inventory

For new Shopify store owners, one of the biggest challenges is managing inventory. Jared’s products are all manufactured in China, so that’s how he keeps on top of the products he has in stock. He needs to ensure he buys stock 45-60 days before he can start to sell it. If your business grows as quickly as Falcon Electronics, you’ll need to buy more inventory in order to boost your sales. This can be a huge struggle and may seem financially risky at times. However, it’s the only way to grow your business. Jared recommends that to find success online, you need to find the right market and ensure it is one you can advertise to. Don’t make your market too broad, and make sure you invest some money in advertising upfront. Mistakes are always going to happen, but they are what will push you forward to find success in the future.

Thank you to Jared for sitting down with us today to share the ups and downs of launching a Shopify store. Check out Falcon Electronics online for more information and to learn about how they are assisting the trucking industry.