How to Thank a Client for Their Business


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 on July 3, 2022. 
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Learning how to thank a client for their business at the right time is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your company. Today’s customers have a wide range of competitors to choose from when deciding who to do business with. Building a relationship with your clients through human, humble interactions is an excellent way to develop loyalty.

When you thank a client for their business, you demonstrate an appreciation for their support of your company. After all, your customers don’t have to choose you. The question is, how do you thank your clients correctly, without going too far?

When to Thank Your Client for Their Business

Thanking your client for their purchase is a valuable part of any strategy for brand loyalty.

There are a few important moments when you can express your gratitude, throughout the stages of the customer buying process. If you’re running an online business where customers can book services or manage transactions online, as soon as they place an order, you can send them to a “thank you” page.

This simultaneously shows your gratitude and lets your customers know they’ve been successful in submitting the transaction request.

It’s also worth sending a “thank you” email, where you can provide details about what your customers have purchased, and even offer suggestions on what they might want to buy next. If your customer is purchasing a service from you directly, you can thank them along with the invoice for your agreed work.

How to Thank a Client for their Business on Different Channels

Aside from issuing a thank you on your website when a customer makes a purchase or books an appointment with your company, you can also share your gratitude across various channels. For instance, you can thank them via:

  • Text message This is usually a good idea if you communicate with your clients via SMS regularly, and they give you their phone number as part of a transaction process.
  • Social media When a transaction takes place on a social media messenger, it’s fine to send a thank-you there. You can also say thanks to customers who leave great reviews, and share them on your social channel news feeds as a form of social proof.
  • Email Email is the most common location to share your gratitude. Avoid sending endless messages on email, however—just one should be enough.

You don’t need to say thanks on every channel or share details of every purchase in your newsletters. Know when to draw the line with expressing your gratitude. A customer journey analysis will give you an insight into the best place to communicate with clients.

What Can You Offer a Client Before and After Purchases?

If you want to boost your chances of getting more transactions and conversions with your customer relationships, you can improve your chances of retaining customers both before and after a purchase. Offering a discount or free shipping before a purchase is a great way to push your customer off the fence and convince them to take action.

On the thank-you page after a purchase, you can improve customer retention by offering a discount on their next purchase or allowing them to add something to their order with no extra shipping charge. You could even offer them a discount on a product bundle.

Struggling to identify your customer retention rate? Read our guide to measuring customer retention.

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