How to Overcome the Stress of Launching Your New Shopify Store

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 10, 2022.

Curist high-quality, effective, and incredibly affordable over-the-counter medicines

There’s no denying that launching your first Shopify store can be quite a challenge. Ethan Goldstein is the owner of Curist, which sells over-the-counter medicines to treat a wide variety of conditions. Today we sat down with Ethan to discover his top tips for new online store owners to help you launch a successful store in 2022.

What Does Curist Offer?

Curist has been in operation since 2018 and sells high-quality, effective, and incredibly affordable over-the-counter medicines. These medicines don’t require consumers to have a doctor’s prescription, and they treat a wide range of conditions, including allergies, GI issues, and heartburn. Ethan suffers from bad allergies and asthma himself, and his dad is a celebrated allergy doctor. He grew up in a household that constantly discussed medicine and allergies, and Ethan knew how expensive and inaccessible medicines were for some people. The team was inspired to make looking after our health much easier than ever before, and that was how Curist was born.

Curist high-quality, effective, and incredibly affordable over-the-counter medicines

A Constantly Changing Landscape

When asked when he felt like the company had made it, Ethan says he still doesn’t feel that way. Even with all of the success Curist has seen so far, the landscape is constantly changing. There are always new competitors, changing market channels, and supply chain issues. The company needs to remain nimble and aggressive by fixing what breaks and doubling down on what works. When launching a new Shopify store, Ethan recommends you do whatever you can to secure your first customers. To minimize stress, don’t get lost in the ‘pre-launch’ research and planning. It’s more important to be in the market and start learning from your customers instead of delaying the process of launching your business to begin with.

Avoiding Stress During a Website Launch

If Ethan could go back in time, he would recommend chilling out a bit over the launch. There’s no denying that launching is stressful, but many of us create unnecessary pressure by adding artificial deadlines for our team to meet. Instead, just keep working hard and launch when you are ready. Test as much as possible and try to generate real sales as soon as you can.

Ethan reminds new store owners that it’s okay if things aren’t perfect, as perfect is the enemy of good. Be open to changing your original vision, and listen to what customers have to say about your product. As a reasonably new company, Ethan still experiences some supply chain issues, which are hard to overcome when you don’t have decades of data to work from. By keeping a positive attitude, the Curist team can overcome these issues and work to keep expanding year after year.

Learn more about Curist by visiting their website today. Thank you to Ethan for taking time out of his busy day to share his advice for new Shopify store owners. We can’t wait to see how Curist keeps expanding in the upcoming year and making medicine more affordable than ever to individuals across the country.