How Did Fohm Become a Successful Shopify Store?

By Shir Lapidot

Published December 26, 2021.

Jerry and Alissa Staub founders of Fohm

Jerry and Alissa Staub founded Fohm in 2019, and their Shopify store has gone from strength to strength since this time. Fohm offers a unique touch-less dispenser that provides a gentle cleanser to improve hygiene in the bathroom. Today we’re going to learn more about how they came up with the idea for their online store and the benefits their product can offer to consumers.

What is Fohm?

Fohm is a touch-less dispenser that can be added to any bathroom wall. It’s a gentle butt cleanser that you’ll use on your toilet paper, leaving you feeling much cleaner than you would with just paper alone. The great thing about Fohm is that it was designed to be quick and easy to install anywhere. Within just two minutes and with absolutely no tools, you’ll be ready to use Fohm for the first time. Your package will include 3M strips that seamlessly attach to the wall. Jerry and Alissa wanted to create a product that was simple to use, offering you a way to improve your bathroom hygiene.

The Fohm dispenser disperses an airy and light foam that sits on top of the toilet paper. It’s designed for even the most sensitive skin, as it’s fragrance-free and pH balanced. The aim of their product is to offer an improved bathroom experience that meets modern hygiene standards. They believe that using dry toilet paper on your driest body part isn’t the way forward, and this will provide users with a more hygienic experience.

Fohm touch-less dispenser

What Inspired You to Start Fohm?

For Jerry and Alissa, the inspiration to start their Shopify store was a gap in the market. They didn’t see any other similar products, and they knew there was a use for this addition to the bathroom. After they built the product, they knew that setting up a Shopify store was the easiest way to test the market. The team worked with a Shopify freelancer, who in just ten hours had their store ready to use. They would highly recommend this to any new store owners, and the Fohm store was built around a pre-built theme they had purchased online.

In order to build interest in Fohm, Jerry and Alissa used Facebook ads and increased conversions using this useful tool. They love that the DTC marketplace offers you the chance to have direct communication channels with customers. The team used this to survey their customers and speak to them on the phone about their experience with Fohm so far. This was one of the most valuable ways to help improve their product and the overall customer experience in the future.

Building a 7 Figure Shopify Store

At the current time, the team is bringing in seven figures in annual revenue, which is an incredible achievement in just two years. However, they still say there is always something to learn, and driving profitable traffic is a rollercoaster ride that can be incredibly unpredictable. They continually optimize the store and look to find ways to improve efficiency and minimize the time they spend working each day. Jerry and Alissa strive to constantly improve the customer experience and increase their lifetime value, as they know this is necessary to remain competitive online.

Ways to Improve Your Shopify Store

When speaking to Jerry and Alissa, they shared plenty of advice for anyone starting a Shopify store of their own. They recommend speaking to between five and ten other people who have started their own store and then putting their top tips to the test. From there, you can use freelancers and consultants to set everything up and then create a budget for every aspect of your business. These numbers will help to guide you throughout the process and make the right decisions for your company.

Time management is a never-ending struggle for the team, and they often feel like their to-do list is never going to finish. That’s why they recommend you don’t strive for perfection, as the first version of your product or website is just a way to test things out and get feedback. By focusing on your budget and how much you have to spend to get there, you can ensure you are spending every dollar wisely. Finally, they recommend remaining very close with your initial customers. Their feedback can completely transform your business and send you on a journey you might never have expected.

Thank you to Jerry and Alissa Staub for sharing their words of wisdom with us today. Check out Fohm for more information about their business and product range.