High Facebook Ads Traffic With No Shopify Sales? Here's Why

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Published August 29, 2022.

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High levels of Facebook Ad traffic should help to improve your Shopify sales. Unfortunately, there are various reasons why a strong increase in traffic didn't pay off the way you hoped. There’s a big difference between conversion rate vs ctr. Shopify store owners need to make sure they know how to identify the root cause of the problem if their Facebook ad traffic isn’t boosting revenue.

Reasons For Disconnect Between Facebook Ads Traffic & Shopify Sales

If you’re seeing great traffic from your Facebook ads, but you’re not benefitting from a good e-commerce conversion rate, something may have gone wrong with your ad strategy.

1. You're Targeting the Incorrect Audience

Usually, high traffic from Facebook ads is a good sign that you are targeting the correct audience. However, there could be a slight difference between the people who might be interested in your products, and the people who are going to buy. It's crucial to dive into the details of your user personas to understand exactly who you need to reach.

2. Something On Your Store Is Turning Visitors Away

If you’re reaching the right audience, but they’re not converting when they reach your Shopify store, something could be putting them off. For instance, you might be advertising a product at a specific price on your Facebook ads, but customers are turned off when they see there’s also a VAT cost and shipping fees to think about.

On the other hand, your customers might notice something on your website which makes them feel uncomfortable, like a lack of social proof or security signals. You might even be losing out on customers because you don’t offer them enough payment options.

5 Best Practices to Convert Facebook Ads Traffic Into Shopify Sales

Fortunately, even if your conversion rates aren’t as high as you’d like them to be, there are still steps you can take to improve the return on investment (ROI) from your Facebook ads. For instance:

1. Ensure You Have a Compelling Landing Page

Drive conversions on your Shopify store's landing page by ensuring it's engaging and brimming with the right information. Include everything your customer needs to know about pricing, and a reminder of all the benefits they’re going to get from the product.

2. Use High-Quality Product Images

High-quality images make a huge difference to conversion rates. When shopping online, people want a good idea of what they’re going to receive. Therefore, ensure you use pictures taken from different angles and that show someone using your product.

3. Include Information-Rich Product Descriptions

A lack of information about your product can make customers less willing to purchase. Ensure your product descriptions include everything your audience needs to know about your item and its benefits. Consider using storytelling to make an emotional connection.

4. Review Customer Behavior on Your Store

Analyzing the customer behavior on your Shopify store can help you understand where you’re missing out on conversions. By leveraging online behavior analysis to personalize store experience, you can see whether customers are losing interest in your product before they hit the checkout page, or whether they’re abandoning their cart at checkout.

5. Implement Abandoned Cart Emails or Push Notifications

If you find your customers often abandon the checkout before making a purchase, use push notifications and emails to increase your chances of conversion. Sometimes a quick reminder or a nudge is all your audience needs to take the last step.

Make the Most of Your Traffic

Knowing why you’re not generating Shopify sales even when you have high levels of Facebook ad traffic is crucial. By getting to the bottom of the disconnect between your traffic numbers and conversion rates, you can implement customer engagement strategies to drive conversions and increase your revenue.

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