Helping Women to Feel Great While Keeping Active With Ellie Day

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Joel Taylor
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Published March 7, 2022.

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No matter what you are doing in your everyday life, as a woman, you deserve to look and feel your best. This is something that inspires Elaine Day-Spoerer every day with her work and is what drove her to create an activewear brand that keeps this in mind at all times. Keep reading to discover Elaine’s top tips for anyone working online and setting up a new e-commerce store.

What Does Ellie Day Offer?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ellie Day primarily offered bridal and evening wear. While the company had been in operation since 2010, from April 2021, they branched out to offer activewear. The company sells women’s golf, tennis, and active apparel. Elaine believes that women deserve to enjoy their leisure time and feel great about the clothing that’s available for these pursuits. She loves golf herself and is trying to learn tennis, but knows how important the right clothing is for any type of activity. Ellie Day’s range of activewear aims to offer women clothing that they’ll love as much as any game that they play.

Ellie Day sells golf clothing that is both fashion-driven and very functional for use on the course. They hope to offer feminine looks within their range, which is something that’s not typically found within golf clothing. The course itself is a place that hasn’t always embraced women, but this is something Elaine is hoping to change with Ellie Day. She believes it is time that women can look and feel like themselves, making their time spent playing sport more enjoyable than ever before.

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Top Tips for Opening an E-Commerce Store

For anyone considering opening an e-commerce store, Elaine encourages you to take your time to research your niche. The more research you can do before launching, the more knowledge you’ll be equipped with to remain competitive in your field. From there, try to find people who will support your journey. By having a team who will lift you up working with you at all times, you’ll find that you can overcome even the most challenging days during your journey as a business owner. If you are working alone, make sure you have friends and family members you can turn to when you are struggling.

If Elaine could share one piece of advice for anyone opening a Shopify store, it’s to start building up a customer list as soon as possible. This is one thing she wishes she had done earlier. You can start collecting customer e-mail addresses before you even open your store, which will allow you to have a successful launch. Try to find your customer before you invest a lot of money in your products so that you know you are offering something that will appeal to them. Don’t be afraid to start using social media and your website before your launch, which will set you up for a positive beginning to your time as a Shopify store owner. Elaine recommends hiring a website and SEO expert, as opposed to a website designer.

Overcoming Challenges as a Business Owner

While Ellie Day has found great success in the past year, there have been many challenges to overcome during the journey. Producing products in the USA brings with it pricing challenges, but it’s something the brand is passionate about doing. COVID-19 caused supply chain issues for the business. This is something that is still impacting many industries, and you’ll need to try and keep ahead as much as possible when it comes to managing your inventory. The iOS changes for online marketing and targeting have also been another issue the company has had to contend with. These issues have forced Elaine to become a true jack of all trades to keep one step ahead before any problems arise in the future.

A huge thank you to Elaine for sitting down with us today to discuss everything she’s discovered during her journey as a business owner. For more information about Ellie Day, visit their website today. We hope this is another successful year for Elaine and her team, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the brand.