Help Your Little One to Stay Asleep Longer With Dreamland Baby

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Joel Taylor
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Published March 20, 2022.

Help Your Little One to Stay Asleep Longer With Dreamland Baby

The team at Dreamland Baby knows just how challenging it can be to get your little one to sleep through the night. Back in 2018, Tara Williams took this issue into her own hands and founded Dreamland Baby. She spoke to us today to share her top tips for opening your own online business in the future.

What is Dreamland Baby?

Dreamland Baby offers gently weighted sleep sacks, swaddles, and blankets to help babies feel calmer, fall asleep faster, and then stay asleep longer. Tara knows how much of a challenge this can be for parents, and she hopes her products will offer them some much-needed rest during this exciting yet overwhelming time in their lives. When Tara had her fourth baby, Luke, she found he was still waking up multiple times during the night. Like so many parents, she was sleep-deprived, stressed, and desperate for help. One night when he was lying by Tara, she gently placed a heavy throw blanket on top of him. She found it worked miracles for his sleep, and that was how the idea for Dreamland Baby came about.

Appearing on Shark Tank

For Tara, the turning point in her business journey was when she appeared on Shark Tank on May 15th, 2020. It was a dream come true for her to introduce her evenly weighted sleep sacks to the team of sharks. Tara always admired Lori Greiner, so when she countered her offer with a deal of $100,000, she couldn’t believe her luck. This was a huge moment for the business, which has only grown from strength to strength after the exposure they’ve received from the show. Tara encourages any entrepreneur to consider applying for Shark Tank, as you never know where the opportunity may lead you.

Dreamland Baby

Building Your Shopify Store

Another tool that’s been incredibly useful for Dreamland Baby was using Shopify for their online store. Tara found the site to be inexpensive and easy to use, even if you don’t have any coding skills. At the same time, she recommends starting your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Do this before you launch your business, as it’s one of the best ways to build a following before you even put your first product on sale.

If Tara could go back in time and change one thing about launching her online store, she would have hired employees earlier. She was always worried about people leaving a more comfortable job with some level of certainty and joining Dreamland Baby. However, you soon realize you need support and can’t do everything alone. Everyone who has joined the team since this time has been a huge asset and offered Tara the time she needs to enjoy a greater work-life balance.

Inventory Challenges

Upon talking to Tara, we learned that her biggest challenge is inventory. It seems to her that they can never get enough stock, and the global logistics crisis has made this situation even worse. They try to order as much as possible well in advance, but it still never seems to be enough. While this is a good problem to have in some ways, Tara encourages new Shopify store owners to stay ahead with their ordering where they can to manage inventory.

It Will Never Be the Right Time

If Tara could share one piece of advice with new business owners, it would be to just start. It will never feel like the right time, and looking back, she is glad she started her journey when she did. When she founded the company, both she and her husband were unemployed, and they have four kids under the age of five. If they’d waited, they likely never would have found the success they have today.

The story of Dreamland Baby and how Tara came to find success online is incredibly inspiring to anyone looking to open a Shopify store this year. We encourage you to check out Dreamland Baby online today to see the products they offer for your little one. Thank you to Tara for sharing your story, and we can’t wait to see the business grow over the upcoming years.