Finding a Popular Niche for Your Online Store with Obsessed With Succulents

By Shir Lapidot
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published May 3, 2022.

Cacti embroidered onto brown fabric

The online marketplace changes at a rapid rate, which is why it’s so important for business owners to stay one step ahead with current trends. The team at Obsessed With Succulents did just that, opting to pivot from one market to another to meet the growing needs of consumers. Robert and Lesley Klatt of Obsessed With Succulents spoke with us recently to share their experience with launching a Shopify store.

What Does Obsessed With Succulents Sell?

As the name might suggest, Obsessed With Succulents offers a range of succulent design products, ranging from home décor to clothing. Each product celebrates their love of succulents, which has been one of the biggest trends of the past few years. Robert and Lesley originally launched a business called Bright Side Jewelry in 2017 but then pivoted over to the succulent niche in 2018. They are extremely passionate about the products they offer today and know that they cater to a wide audience who also enjoy these designs and products.

Every business owner has their own reasons for working for themselves, and Robert and Lesley are no exception to this. They had moved from California to Oregon to care for a family member who was dealing with health care issues. Instead of returning to the mortgage industry they had previously worked in, they opted to start their own business. This would offer them the chance to have more time in their schedules for their family member, thanks to the flexibility of being able to set your own working hours.

Obsessed With Succulents

Finding Success in the Online Marketplace

For most business owners, there is a moment when you can smile to yourself and know that all of your hard work has finally paid off. Robert and Lesley knew they had made it when they had their first super popular product line and customers on Facebook went crazy for it. This product range featured a tapestry and some pillow covers, which gave them the confidence to know they were on the road to success. While it can be very hard work to start with, it’s these moments that allow you to look back with pride, knowing that the time and effort you’ve put into your Shopify store has paid off.

Adjusting to Changes With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a tool that most businesses today rely on to find new customers. Robert and Lesley stopped using Facebook ads in 2020 due to delivery issues that were caused by COVID. As their ROAS went away, they have no intention to go back to using this service in the future. Instead, they are opting to extend their company with email marketing, Etsy, eBay, and SEO practices. They are also working to move away from drop shipping to POD, which offers a better customer experience and increases the LTV as much as possible.

The Biggest Challenges of Running an Online Store

Robert and Lesley find that their biggest challenge is simply not having enough hours in the day to grow their business at the speed they would like to. They have so much to learn and do, and things are always changing when it comes to operating a Shopify store. Sadly, they lost their family member last September, so this year the new list of things to do is even longer than before. They love the challenge this offers them though, and they can’t wait to see where the business goes in the next few months.

For new business owners, Robert and Lesley always recommend starting out on Shopify. Pick a niche that you are truly passionate about and start selling POD. There’s so much information online today that it’s easy to find top tips for growing your business. The main thing is to just get started, and you can continue learning from there as you progress. They always recommend thinking big and having faith that you will reach your goals.

A huge thank you to Robert and Lesley for speaking with us today and sharing their best advice for new business owners. If you’d like to check out their range of products, visit Obsessed With Succulents today. We hope that 2022 is another great year for your business, and we can’t wait to catch up again in the future to see how everything is going.