Find a Product That’s a Solution to Enjoy Shopify Store Success

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 10, 2022.


For pool owners around the world, one of the top considerations is keeping your pool safe and hygienic to use. Ravi Kurani founded Sutro in 2015, offering a solution to an issue that pool owners struggle with on a daily basis. Keep reading to discover how Sutro has transformed the pool maintenance industry and found success with their online store.

Introducing Sutro

Sutro was developed by Ravi Kurani and offers a floating test laboratory for your swimming pool. The app tells you exactly what chemicals you need to add to your water so that you can keep it safe at all times. Ravi’s father used to own a chain of pool and spa supply stores. His aim was to take what his father had in his store and then put all of that into a robot. When it comes to finding an idea for your new Shopify store, Ravi states that you need to “Find a product that’s a solution, don’t be a solution looking for a problem.”

Looking after a pool is a costly endeavor, and Sutro aims to make this easier and more convenient for everyone. The smart monitor can simply float around any pool or spa, but you might prefer to attach it to a ladder for safety. All of the plans include monitoring, support, and monthly cartridges, making the upfront costs very clear to pool owners.

Finding Success With an Innovative Product

For Ravi and the team at Sutro, it took a few years to find success online. In 2020, they hit product-market fit, which was achieved by using the product-market fit survey. They would continually look at their feedback and make adjustments to the app to offer the best product possible for pool owners. If Ravi could go back in time, he would have MVP’d the hardware more instead of going straight to building mass-scale hardware. This is something that’s important to keep in mind if you are building a new product such as Sutro and can help to save you time and resources during the initial launch of your Shopify store.

The Biggest Challenge as a Shopify Store Owner

Ravi says that for his team, scaling the community is the biggest challenge. Grit and resilience are something that any new business owner needs, as you never know what is coming your way. He recommends being smart at all times with your business plans and learning to look around the corner to see what challenges might be ahead. By figuring out a way to overcome the challenges that you’ll no doubt face, you’ll be able to find success in any industry.

Sutro is a game-changer for pool owners who are looking to use their pool safely throughout the year. Check out the team’s website here for more information and to get further inspiration for launching your Shopify store in the near future.