Empowering People to Live Vibrant Connected Lives with Social Sparkling

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 9, 2022.

Social Sparkling organic sparkling water and wine

The new year is upon us, and there’s no better time than the present to start focusing on our social lives and relationships. Social Sparkling was founded back in 2013 and aims to empower people to live vibrant, connected lives. The founder of the company, Leah Caplanis, sat down with us today and shared her top tips for opening your new Shopify store in 2022.

What Was the Inspiration Behind Social Sparkling?

Social Sparkling offers organic sparkling water and wine and hopes to encourage people to live a more connected life. While the company mainly sells at retail locations, they love e-commerce because it gives them a chance to connect with their consumers. Leah says that talking with her customers is one of the best parts of her day and encourages her to keep moving forward with her business. She knew she was onto something with her online store when she saw that the company could rely on its e-commerce business. The subscriptions bring in a steady income, and seeing repeat customers brings a level of comfort you don’t experience with grocery retailers.

Social Sparkling Water

Opening a New Shopify Store

For anyone opening a new Shopify store this year, Leah suggests the best first step is to decide who you want to appeal to. The design, copy, and products you offer will fall into place at this point when you identify your audience. From there, you’ll want to use common best practices for SEO, pop-ups, subscription, and loyalty so that you attract a new audience for your product. If Leah could go back in time, she says she would have started selling D2C far sooner and invested more time and energy into this project.

Overcoming Challenges With an E-Commerce Store

Leah has found great success with her e-commerce store, and so the biggest challenge for her team is staying in stock with its inventory. However, she hopes to solve that in the near future by producing products by themselves. If you are planning to open a store this year, Leah recommends just getting started. While your website design, copy, and products will change over time, it’s best to just start making progress right now. Start a blog at the same time as your website launch, and concentrate on SEO from day one to attract a wider audience. Make sure you also get a CRM database for email marketing and pop-ups from day one, so you can focus on building that list. By following these top tips, you are sure to see success with your Shopify store.

E-commerce is the future as people go out to shop less and less. The great thing about opening a Shopify store is that the cost to get started is so low, and you could be making hundreds of thousands before you know it. Check out Social Sparkling and their full product range online, and a huge thank you to Leah for sharing her expertise with us today.