Duke Armstrong of Propello Life

By Shir Lapidot

Published December 22, 2021.

Propello Life

With the challenges of the past year, we are all looking for ways to improve our health and fitness. Propello Life was founded by Duke Armstrong in August 2016 and offers a selection of premium, natural supplements. Today we’re going to discover how Duke noticed a gap in this market and created a range of products that are backed by science.

What is Propello Life?

Propello Life is a family-owned business that specializes in offering premium, natural supplements. Their product range includes whey protein, vegan protein, collagen protein, rejuvenating aminos, and pre-workout products. Before the company was started, Duke noticed there was a huge gap in the market when it came to natural, effective, and delicious premium supplements. While there were some natural supplements out there, the pre-workouts and aminos were generally of very poor quality. All of the Propello Life products are backed by science, offering their users the support they need to reach their health and fitness goals.

Why Did You Start Propello Life?

Duke founded Propello Life based on his own passion for health and fitness, with the aim of aiding other people on their journey. The company believes in holistic health, meaning that your health is so much more than just eating a healthy diet and working out. It’s also about finding balance with sleep, stress management, work you are passionate about, and spending time with your friends and family. The company recently passed its 5th year in business, and during this time, they’ve built a community of like-minded and loyal customers. Duke knows he’s been lucky to find such a supportive community who are passionate about living a healthier and happier life with the help of their products.

Top Tips for Starting a Shopify Store

As far as setting up an online store for the first time, Duke shares his praise for Shopify. It’s a quick and easy system to get started with and makes growing your business much simpler than you could imagine. His top tip for anyone who is just starting out is to keep things simple. Find your unique message and use clean images to showcase your products. To help you get noticed online, Duke recommends dedicating time to find keywords to improve your site’s SEO and attract customers organically. Duke has no regrets when it comes to starting his business and encourages you to learn from your past mistakes. There’s so much which is out of your control when starting a business, and you’ll need grit, dedication, and determination to succeed. As Duke shared with our team, “Planning is priceless, but plans are useless!”

The Biggest Challenges to Overcome When Starting a Shopify Store

For Duke, the biggest challenge for him was competing in the ultra-competitive supplement market. This made advertising more expensive and difficult, and so they used creative ways to make their grassroots marketing efforts a success. Duke shares that you need to remember it will take you longer and cost far more than you expect to set up your business. Organic SEO is something he recommends everyone starts working on from day one, as it’s not a quick or easy process. Finally, Duke encourages any new Shopify store owners to focus on customer loyalty. This will be your greatest asset and the foundation you need to build a successful business.

For more information about Propello Life and its range of products, visit the Propello Life website.