Discover How Waku Helps Ecuadorian Farmers With Their E-Commerce Store

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 9, 2022.

Waku herbal teas

Back in 2018, Nico Estrella and Juan Giraldo made it their mission to offer a wide range of herbal teas via their online store Waku. Today we sat down with the company’s founders to learn how their company helps its clients to live a healthier life while also giving back to farmers in Ecuador.

What Does Waku Offer?

Waku offers a selection of herbal teas to its customers, which strive to improve their gut function and help them to live a healthier life. On top of that, one of the company’s main aims is to help the Ecuadorian farmers they work with to enjoy a better quality of life in their home country. They founded their online store in 2018 as a way for people who’d tried Waku products in the past in stores and wanted to keep shopping online. Particularly during the pandemic, this was a necessity for many companies, and for Waku, it’s now their main sales channel which helped them to survive and thrive in the past two years.

The First Taste of Success

For the team at Waku, they first knew they were onto something when they saw online reviews of their products. Customers stated that the teas changed their lives and improved their digestive system while also being a delicious addition to their diet. The team used a centuries-old recipe to make their products, which helped them to create a tea that’s like nothing else on the market today.

Opening A Shopify Store – Waku’s Top Tips

When it comes to opening a new Shopify store, Nico and Juan both agree you need to understand who your audience is. By identifying what problem you can solve for them, you’ll be able to build your brand messaging around that. The team wishes they had started their online store way earlier on in their journey, as it’s the most efficient way to understand your customers and build a brand and product they’ll truly love. However, the company knows they still need to strive to work as an omni-channel company. The beverage market is too difficult to operate within as an online-only company, as it is heavy to ship liquid, creating lower profit margins. With both online and physical store options, you’ll improve your margins and make your marketing dollars more efficient.

Understand Your Customers and Business Model Before Launching

Before you even consider launching a Shopify store this year, the team at Waku recommends you obsess with your product to ensure the branding and quality are perfect. Take time to understand your customers and talk to them to learn about their expectations and needs. Finally, focus on your business model and nail your back-end operations as soon as possible. This will pave the way for success as your business grows in the future.

Thank you to Nico and Juan from Waku for sharing their wisdom about operating an online store during the past couple of challenging years. To see their full range of products and learn more about Waku, visit their online store today.