Discover How Reuben Oliver Hopes to Disrupt the Knitwear Industry

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 9, 2022.

Reuben Oliver knitwear

Reuben Oliver is a new online store that launched in 2019. The owner of the store, Reuben Gladstone, hopes his products will disrupt the knitwear industry over the upcoming years. As a successful Shopify store owner, Reuben is here today to share his advice for anyone launching a store in even the most competitive of industries.

Introducing Reuben Oliver

Reuben Oliver launched in 2019 thanks to Reuben’s passion for design, with the aim of disrupting the knitwear industry. Their products are designed in NYC and then manufactured in Lima, Peru. The company sets itself apart in this competitive industry by focusing on creative, innovative designs and sourcing the world’s finest fibers. All of their fibers are harvested in the northern coastal valleys of Peru. In this region, the rich soil soaks up the right amount of moisture, resulting in fibers that are extremely soft to touch and wear. There’s no better fiber source in the world, which is why the company soon began to attract attention from those within the industry.

The company’s commitment to plant-based fibers benefits both the planet and its customers. Synthetic materials make up over 70% of the industry, and they release non-biodegradable microfibers into the air. These build up on our skin over time, impacting our overall health. While the company operates with these values in mind, they are also known for their stylish pieces. When A-list celebrities started wearing their clothing, that’s when Reuben’s hard work finally felt like it had paid off.

The First Steps to Launch a Successful Online Business

For the team at Reuben Oliver, they started with samples before launching a small collection. After investing in marketing, they were then able to move into mass production and find the success they are enjoying online today. Reuben shares that he wouldn’t change anything about his journey so far, but for new Shopify store owners, you may find there are challenges along the way. When you overcome the issues you face, you’ll learn about how you can improve your business and thrive in the future.

Reuben Oliver knitwear

Expansion Plans for the Future

When new Shopify store owners begin to see success, it’s time to think about the next step for their business. For Reuben, he hopes to expand Reuben Oliver while still keeping the same values in mind at all times. This is a huge challenge for larger Shopify stores, but by finding a partner who offers complementary skills to yours, you’ll be able to find success in any industry. Reuben encourages new business owners to get out there and make mistakes. Finding a mentor is also another good recommendation, as they’ll be able to coach you and encourage you during the toughest times.

We have no doubts that 2022 will be another successful year for Reuben Oliver. The team is certainly making a huge impact on the knitwear industry, and we can’t wait to see the new collections that are released this year. Check out their site for more information about Reuben Oliver and the products they offer.