Creating the Most Comfortable Underwear Possible with Bamboo

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Joel Taylor
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Published March 13, 2022.

Creating the Most Comfortable Underwear Possible with Bamboo

Underwear is something that all of us rely on each day, but it’s a product that can be difficult to shop for when it comes to comfort and style. Bamboo Underwear has revolutionized the underwear market, relying on this soft and breathable material to offer consumers more comfort. The team at Bamboo Underwear, which includes Mathieu Landry-Girouard, Jules Marcoux, Hugo Garneau-Boisvert and Philippe Ouellet-Thivierge, sat down with us to share their top tips for operating an online store in this current time.

What Does Bamboo Underwear Offer?

Bamboo Underwear has been operating since 2018 and sells underwear made of viscose from bamboo. The team works hard every day to create, design, and produce the most comfortable underwear on the market today. They started the company after seeing that the majority of huge brands in the underwear industry don’t take the time to listen to their customers. The team was inspired to create a truly great product, and they saw a gap in the market for bamboo underwear. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength, as more people see the benefits of this material over typical cotton underwear.

One day, they went to the mall and heard a woman saying to her friend, “This outfit would be soooo beautiful with some Bamboo Underwear under it.” This was when they knew they really had something great going on and that customers were changing their mindset about the material their underwear needed to be made from. Bamboo has become more widely used instead of cotton in recent years, and you’ll find that it’s a great solution for your daily underwear.

How to Get Started With Running an Online Store

When asked about starting a Shopify store, the team recommends that you start as early as possible. Don’t wait for the perfect time, and instead launch early and start getting sales. Have your marketing in place and do as much as you can with what you have. You’ll never be 100% ready, so don’t keep putting this off until you feel the time is right. When they look back at some of the things they did two years ago, the team laughs. The website is so different from what they have today, but it’s all about just going for it and making changes later on. By applying this idea to your own business, you’ll find success online quicker than you ever imagined possible. The team says they wouldn’t change a thing about their business journey so far. They’ve enjoyed the process and are always learning from mistakes.

Challenges as an Online Store Owner

As a Shopify store owner, you are going to come across many challenges on your journey. Inventory has been a huge issue over the past two years, and this also impacts cash flow management. Remember, you can’t please everyone all of the time, but you need to believe in what you do and keep moving forward. The team at Bamboo Underwear recommends always surrounding yourself with great partners. This will make even the worst days seem more enjoyable and ensure that you always have people around you to lift you up.

Passion is something that you need to find success with an online store. When talking with the team at Bamboo Underwear, it’s clear they are so excited for the future of their business. You can’t succeed without passion, and it’s the fire that keeps you up at night. Instead of just focusing on the financial gains from your business, you need to do something that you are really excited about. Find a product that you know offers value to customers and continue spreading joy with your work each day.

For more information about Bamboo Underwear and its incredible products, check out their website today. A huge thank you to the team for speaking with us today and sharing their journey as Shopify store owners. They are a great example of a team that is striving to disrupt the industry and offer customers something that will add value to their lives. We can’t wait to see more people try bamboo products in the future and experience for themselves the comfort of this material.