Creating Clean and Organic Products with Planet Protein

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 3, 2022.

Clean and Organic Products with Planet Protein

Brenden Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of Planet Protein, Inc., which offers a wide range of plant-based supplements. Keep reading as we discover Brenden’s top tips for new Shopify store owners who are looking to stay true to the planet and everyone’s health this year.

What Does Planet Protein, Inc. Offer?

Brenden’s company has been in operation since 2017 and stocks a wide selection of plant-based protein supplements without all of the junk that you’ll often find in typical protein products. Each of the company’s products is organic, natural, and clean, focusing on individual health while also striving to protect our planet. Brenden started the company as he couldn’t find any truly healthy supplements on the market. There are so many products with added preservatives and ingredients with chemically induced names, so Brenden got to work and created his own range of products. The team now loves being able to share truly healthy products which are consciously created with the world, offering something which stands out in this competitive market.

Planet Protein Clean and Organic Products

Staying True to Your Values

For stores such as Planet Protein, Inc., one of the biggest challenges is staying true to your values. It took over a year for the team to develop their first protein powder, as it’s now easy to create products that taste great without added flavors or unnatural fillers. After receiving customer feedback on the initial prototypes, they kept making adjustments until the product was perfect. Brenden says his number one piece of advice for new Shopify store owners is to “Learn, fail, grow, REPEAT.” This motto will help you through the toughest days and ensure you remain on the right path. He believes that everything he’s been through to this day is part of God’s plan, and so Brenden wouldn’t change a thing about his journey so far.

Overcoming Challenges as a Shopify Store Owner

Brenden’s biggest challenge currently is finding a way to scale the store while keeping sustainability in mind. The team is committed to doing things the right way, which can be a challenge within the fierce protein and e-commerce space. For that reason, Brenden recommends new store owners find something they are passionate about and which solves a problem. From there, it’s all about enjoying the ride and learning as you go. Even on those days where you feel like giving up, keep dreaming big and working hard. Brenden is a great example of how following your dreams and passions can take you anywhere in life, and he believes that if they have found this incredible success in a few years, anyone can do the same with determination and hard work.

Organic Products with Planet Protein

To learn more about the full range of Planet Protein, Inc. products, head to their website today. As we head into the new year, we wish Brenden and his team the best of luck as they continue to offer clean and organic products to those of us wishing to improve our health and fitness in 2022.