B2B Customer Journey: What Is It & How Can It Be Optimized?


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The B2B customer journey is a timeline of interactions your customer has with your website. These interactions form different stages they go through, from the initial introduction through to after-sales support and retention. Following this journey will give you important information about your site that can help you shape those interactions to give your customers exactly what they want. It is critical for boosting business and raking in more conversions.

What Are the B2B Customer Journey Stages?

There are nine different stages that your customer will go through in the customer journey.

  1. Awareness You can build awareness in a variety of different ways. Social media, print adverts, TV adverts, newspaper articles in the form of public relations, personalized communication, email advertising, and the list goes on and on. This is purely an introductory stage.
  2. Consideration This stage typically comes after the customer has been introduced to your product in multiple ways. This is when they first start considering buying your product. They may even do some research about your company and products during this stage.
  3. Decision A decision is made to buy your product. Your customer moves into your cart page with the full intention of making a purchase.
  4. Purchase The purchase is made successfully.
  5. Delivery The product is delivered to your customer. Many times this stage ends here. If your customer is not happy with your product or service in any way, they will probably move to the next stage.
  6. Support In this stage, your customer will, for example, return a T-shirt that is too small or a defective product.
  7. Retention This stage is reached when a customer decides to become a repeat buyer because they have had a good experience with your company and like your products.
  8. Expansion and growth You can start up-selling and cross-selling at this stage with your repeat buyers.
  9. Exit Your customer stops buying from you. This could happen for many different reasons.

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Journeys

B2B is more complicated than B2C. B2B is when a business sells products to another business, while B2C is a business that sells directly to the individual customer.

What Are the Challenges of B2B Customer Journey Mapping?

There are several challenges facing B2B sellers today. Here are three of the top difficulties they face:

  1. Complexity The journey is over multiple platforms, channels, and devices and uses different technologies.
  2. Mapping unique buyers in a single mapping journey This happens because every buyer is completely unique and has different interactions and pain points—like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.
  3. Silent spots Sometimes customers go silent but continue the journey at a later stage. The journey is broken, and the results may become skewed.

How Do You Optimize Your B2B Customer Journey?

You can optimize your B2B customer journey by:

  1. Listening to your customers Take careful note of their feedback and make changes accordingly.
  2. Paying attention to your website metrics Website metrics offer nuggets of valuable information.
  3. Hiring people with practical knowledge Take the time to listen to them and learn from their experiences.

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