Add Value to the World With Inspiration from Intrism

By Shir Lapidot

Published January 23, 2022.

Add Value to the World With Inspiration from Intrism main image

As the owner of Intrism, Kyle Vandeveer knows that he has the opportunity to add real value to the world. While he founded his company back in 2015, it wasn’t until five years later, in 2020, that things really started to take off. Keep reading to discover how Kyle designed his unique 3D puzzle marble labyrinths and made his business a success even while studying at college.

What is Intrism?

Intrism sells 3D puzzle marble labyrinths, which are made from laser cut wood. First, you put them together by clicking the pieces into place, and then you have a challenging 3D marble labyrinth to solve. At the current time, the company offers two models, Intrism Pro and Intrism Mini. When Kyle was in his first year of college, he had his aha moment where he figured out how to produce the puzzles at scale. For Intrism, he knew this would be the biggest challenge in building a business, so he set about creating an efficient production system. Things really started to take off towards the end of 2020, when Kyle moved into a large space and added more laser cutters to the production process. They still couldn’t make enough puzzles to keep up with the demands of the pandemic though, but that was a good sign that they had truly made it.

Add Value to the World With Your Products

Kyle recommends that your first step as a business owner is to ensure the business is viable and validate your idea. You need to offer a product or service which adds value to the world in some way without the store. A great example of this is drop-shipping, where it’s the product itself that adds value rather than the actual process between the manufacturer and the customer. Of course, every business journey has its ups and downs when finding its niche and succeeding as a business owner. Kyle says he wouldn’t change anything about his journey so far. That’s not because he hasn’t made mistakes, as Kyle is fully aware they’ve made plenty. However, they wouldn’t be where they are today without those mistakes, so they have added quite a bit of value to the business.

Challenges With Production

For Intrism, the biggest challenge from day one of the business has been the production side. While you can design and create the best product on the market, creating a manufacturing system to offer the product at scale is another issue altogether. Profit needs to be kept in mind at all times, and this is another huge challenge for new businesses, no matter how great their idea is. Kyle encourages new Shopify store owners to have patience and trust the process. Things won’t blow up overnight, but slowly you’ll find that your business expands month after month. Consistency has a lot of value for business owners, but this is something many people overlook in their desire to succeed.

Look After Yourself On Your Journey

Kyle’s next tip for success is to make sure you look after yourself and invest in your learning during your expansion. We often neglect to put ourselves first when building a business, but your mental and physical health is incredibly important. To expand your learning, consider reading books or signing up for courses. It takes a lot of time and effort to master being a business owner, but the more you learn from other people, the more likely you’ll be to succeed.

When it comes to business, Kyle always recommends keeping two feet on the ground. Anyone who starts a new business should be truly passionate about what they are doing. While the financial rewards are always nice, you need to ensure you truly enjoy what you are doing rather than just working to make money. It takes a lot of drive and consistency to succeed, but you’ll find that with the right attitude, you’ll be able to turn your Shopify store into a success.

To learn more about Intrism, head to their website today. A huge thank you to Kyle for sitting down with us today to share all of the wisdom he’s gained since launching his store. We wish Intrism the best of luck as we head into the new year and hope it’s another successful one for Kyle and the team.