Why You Should Use Cross-Merchandising on Your Shopify Store

Including cross-merchandising in your Shopify marketing is an excellent way to increase sales. Learn more about this upsell and cross-sell best practice here.

Kelli Harris
By Kelli Harris
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Published August 26, 2022.

Cross merchandising is a method of visual merchandising where complementary products are displayed next to one another to increase sales because it boosts convenience and encourages people to buy multiple items.

Benefits of Cross-Merchandising Strategies

Using cross merchandising in Shopify has many advantages such as increasing sales, building brand awareness, and encouraging customer loyalty.

Cross-merchandising will help you to:

  • Promote new products next to your core products and increase average order value.
  • Get customers to discover products they didn't know they needed, thus attracting new customers.
  • Put everything your customers need in one place to help them save time.
  • Promote slow-moving products and encourage purchases of products taking up space in your warehouse.

Opportunities for Cross-Merchandising on Shopify

Below are some cross-merchandising examples that demonstrate how to utilize this strategy for your business.

Bundled Products

Analyze your customer behavior to see what customers buy together and how often. If you notice trends, consider bundling these products. For example, customers may buy coffee mugs and coffee makers together.

You can make the bundle even more attractive to customers by offering a discount on the bundled items, or including a free gift with every transaction. This will help to encourage shoppers to prefer your brand over others and will help boost overall sales.

Complementary Products

Complementary products are those used or consumed with another item. Placing complementary products together simplifies purchasing for customers because related products are in one location. It also increases revenue as customers may purchase products they weren't originally planning to.

For example, a bottle of wine can be complemented by nuts, syrup, and olives, or shampoo and conditioner can be complemented by body soap.

Themes and Special Occasions

Cross-merchandising is very effective during holidays and festivals, because products can be grouped according to the occasion or activity.

For example, heart-shaped sweets, chocolates, roses, and cards can be displayed for Valentine's Day, or flowers, breakfast treats, and greeting cards can be displayed on Mother's Day.


Cross merchandising offers many advantages over traditional selling methods. By following these upsell and cross-sell best practices, you can create a stronger relationship between your brand and your customers.