Quick Tricks to Find the Total Product Count In Your Shopify Store

Shopify doesn't make it easy to discover how many products are in your store. You can manually count or discover faster alternatives in this article.

Rob Elgar - writer for Blyp
By Rob Elgar
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Published August 22, 2022.

Information such as knowing how to calculate cart abandonment rate, how to calculate bounce rate, and how many products are in your Shopify store is essential, but Shopify doesn't always make it easy to view.

In terms of determining your total product count, manually counting your products can become time-consuming and complicated, especially for large stores, because Shopify only displays 50 products per page.

Here are two alternative methods to discover how many products you have in your Shopify store.

Method 1: Via the Shopify Sales Channel Tab

If you have a store with less than 50 products you can easily find the total number by heading to:

Admin > Settings > Sales Channels

Here you'll be able to view the number of available products for each sales channel.

Although this is a simple method, it'll show you available products only and disregard those that are out of stock or yet to be published.

Method 2: <count> Displayed Through URL Modification

Alternatively, you can add a snippet to your store's URL by following these steps:

  1. Log on to your Shopify store
  2. Enter the following address into your browser https://YOUR-STORE-NAME.myshopify.com/admin/products/count.json
  3. (replace YOUR-STORE-NAME with your store address)
  4. Hit enter and your total product number will be displayed.

For example:

If your site's name is bestproducts.myshopify.com, to discover your total products, the URL will be https://bestproducts.myshopify.com/admin/products/count.json

Your product count will be displayed as follows:

How to find total Shopify products using URL


Understanding how many products you hold in your Shopify store is an essential piece of information. The easiest way to discover this data is by adding a .json snippet to your site's URL.

Alternatively, navigating to the sales channel, exporting your product list as a .CSV or manually counting are other options.