Use This Simple Equation to Calculate Bounce Rate Quickly

Bounce rate is the percentage of users that leave a website after visiting only a single page. As a website owner, you should know how to calculate it.

Rob Elgar

 on August 22, 2022. 
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Michelle Meyer

Every website has a bounce rate, but a high bounce rate (>50%) could negatively effect your rankings and indicate a problem. A range of 26%-40% is considered a good bounce rate and should be strived for.

Reasons for a low bounce rate include page speed, navigation, readability, presentation, relevancy, and value.

How to Calculate Your Website’s Bounce Rate

The figures for bounce rates can be found on Shopify and can be calculated by taking the total single-page sessions and dividing it by the total number of site sessions. Multiply the value with 100 to convert it to a percentage.

Bounce rate = (Single-page sessions / Total website sessions) X 100

For example, if your website has a total of 11,520 monthly sessions and 3,200 single-page sessions, your bounce rate could be calculated as follows:

Bounce rate = (3,200 / 11,520) X 100

Bounce rate = 27%

This is a perfect bounce rate and in this case, you should strive to maintain it.

How to Calculate Bounce Rate for Individual Webpages

Similarly, the bounce rate of an individual page can be calculated. However, the total numbers of individual page visitors and single-page visitors from the specific page are used.

For example, to calculate the bounce rate of a page that receives 500 visitors with 300 leaving without progressing to a new page:

Page bounce rate = (Single-page sessions / Total page-sessions) X 100

Page bounce rate = (300 / 500) X 100

Page bounce rate = 60%


Understanding how bounce rate is calculated will give you a deeper understanding of your Shopify KPI reports.

This will in turn help to boost rankings, traffic, and ultimately sales.

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