Understanding Shopify's Advanced Report Builder

In this post, we'll take a look at how Shopify's Advanced Report Builder works and how you can access it to improve your business.

Kelli Harris
By Kelli Harris
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published July 31, 2022.

The Advanced Builder Report is an app developed by the Shopify website development team that lets you customize existing reports within Shopify's analytics. A Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus plan is required to use this app. Any data from your Shopify store can be used to build Shopify custom reports. Once you customize the report to your liking, you can save and reuse it at any time.

Purpose of the Advanced Report Builder

The Shopify advanced report builder is not only useful for modifying existing reports, but also for making real-time marketing and sales decisions.

These are tailored custom reports for e-commerce, and similar to Shopify reports, except that they include adjustable filters that show you the Shopify report metrics that are important to your business. Some of the reports available are financial reports, customer service reports, behavior reports, marketing reports, and more.

Data reports created using custom data drill deeper into relevant KPIs and give you a better understanding of variables. The layout structure of the reports can also be customized to make them easier to read.

Furthermore, this app allows you to export data to CSV, Microsoft Excel, and Google Spreadsheets.

How to Access Shopify's Advanced Report Builder

By upgrading to the Advanced Shopify Plan or the Shopify Plus Plan, you'll have access to the Advanced Report Builder on Shopify. You will automatically receive the Advanced Report Builder after upgrading your Shopify store, as it is included with these plans.