Breakdown of Shopify KPI Reports

Shopify reports provide valuable data and insight into your stores performance and the behavior of your customers. Understanding key KPI metrics can boost sales

Rob Elgar

 on July 31, 2022. 
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Joel Taylor

Shopify reports and analytics provide a platform for you to view a variety of metrics with regard to your store's recent activity. This allows you to gain insight into your visitors and their behavior, your store's performance, and to keep track of transactions.

What to Include in a Shopify KPI Report

Every business requires different reports, but there are a few key metrics that should be included in a Shopify KPI report:

  1. Traffic Traffic is one of the most important metrics to follow. If your store isn't receiving any traffic it will be impossible to generate sales. If your traffic is low, you should put all your focus into raising it.
  2. Conversion rate If your traffic is high, but you aren't making sales, then your conversion rate will be low. Monitoring your conversion rate will help you determine where you are losing customers.
  3. Repeat customers Repeat customers suggest you're doing something right. Furthermore, a repeat customer is cheaper than a new customer.
  4. New customers The number of new customers over a period gives insight into your store's popularity and discoverability.
  5. Average order value Understanding how much the average customer spends will help you predict trends and make future business plans.
  6. Inventory level High inventory stock can tie up needed capital, while a low inventory can limit sales.

How to Create a Shopify KPI Report

KPI reports are simple to generate on Shopify, but the types of reports that are available are limited by your current plan.

To create an e-commerce KPI report on Shopify, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store
  2. On the left-hand panel, locate "Analytics"
  3. Click on "Reports"
  4. Select the type of report you wish to create

As a basic user, you'll have access to the Overview dashboard, finance reports, and product analytics. Custom reports are only available to Advanced and Shopify Plus users.

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