What Does Google Analytics Measure?

Learn more about what Google Analytics is, what it measures, and how it helps you understand your audience's behavior.

Ashley Stander

 on July 3, 2022. 
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Joel Taylor

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that, once set up, can tell you how your customers interact with your website or e-commerce store. Using these analytics you get a good idea of the journey your customer follows. Why is it so important to understand the stages of your customer journey? Because you can make changes to your site so that it aligns with their requirements.

What Data Does Google Analytics Show?

There are four main google analytics custom reports:

  1. General site traffic: customer journeys
  2. Navigation summary: a summary of those journeys
  3. Traffic from organic searches: how many customers you get from general Google searches
  4. Checkout behavior: general customer checkout behavior

What Are the Important Metrics and Dimensions Google Analytics Measures?

Metric sessions are quantitative measurements that tell you the average number of pages viewed, while dimensions are the attributes of your data. Metrics and dimensions are used to track progress and evaluate how successful your marketing is. Analyzing and interpreting user metrics can help you to build your business around your customer.

How Do Metrics and Dimensions in Google Analytics Help You Understand Your Audience?

Metrics and dimensions are important for many reasons, one of the more important of which is to understand checkout behavior. Often customers add products to their shopping cart but fail to convert them. Adding Google Analytics to Shopify will give you clues as to why your customer didn't convert. It could be that it was too difficult to put a payment through, which will help you to review the process and see where it is snagging your customers. This will, therefore, assist you to streamline the sales process and get more sales.

In the long run, the success of your business relies on these tweaks.

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