Page Value in Google Analytics: A Quick Guide

Page value in Google Analytics can give you important insights on your website. Find out how it is calculated and how it grows conversions.

Ashley Stander
By Ashley Stander
Romi Hector
Reviewed by Romi Hector

Published July 7, 2022.

Each page of your website or store has its own value. The page that your customer is on before moving to the conversion stage will have the highest page value. This is because it was the page that triggered your customer to buy your product. Something on that page was so engaging to your customer that it was worth taking note of the content of that page.

How Does Page Value Help to Grow Conversions?

Once you know which pages have the highest page values, you can do these three important things:

  1. Assess whether it is worth keeping the low page value pages or work on making them more engaging.
  2. Actively drive your customers to the high page value pages to boost your sales.
  3. Assess your high page value pages to see if there are tweaks you can make to increase the page's value even more.

How Is Page Value Calculated?

Google uses a formula to calculate page value. As a result, it gives you a monetary value for each page. This is the formula Google uses:

Page value = (transaction revenue + total goal value) divided by unique pageviews for the page or set of pages

It is important to remember the following:

  1. Your cart pages will always have a higher value.
  2. If you don't have goals, your page value will be 0.
  3. Make sure you upgrade the pages that have a low page value.
  4. Page value is a much more effective metric than your bounce rate.